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The Fall of Rome & The Dark/Middle Ages

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kelly Horan

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome & The Dark/Middle Ages

People were desperate for food and were starving.
They were running out of men and the emperors has no choice but to have barbarians and foreign soldiers to fight.
Soon there was no longer an emperor and as a result the world was a smaller place.
The next 7 centuries starting from the fall of Rome and the first crusade, would be an age full of violence, diseases, and superstitions.
The Fall of Rome & The Dark/Middle Ages
Roman values & why it was so important.
The Fall Of Rome
The empire was too large too be govern effectively.
The Army was not on point and the generals and non-Roman soldiers were dishonest.
Rich became lazy and showed no interest in helping to solve Rome's conflicts.
The poor were overtaxed & over worked.
Prices also increased & trading decreased.
The population started shrinking and so was the Empire.
Huns, Visigoths, franks,vandals, Saxons, and barbarian tribes overran the Empire.
An epidemic disease that causes a high risk of death or mortality.
Overall this sickness was called ''The Black Death" in Europe.

Created By:
Kelly Nguyen
Honors History
6th Hour
The Middle Ages By: Bruno Leone
History Channel

The Romans valued their Empire
Art work
The Colosseum
Random Topics About The Romans
The Pater families had absolute rule over his household. So he had the right to disown his children, sell them into slavery or kill them.

If you didn't get married at the age of 15-16 then you were to be punished.

For school the Romans wrote on a writing tablet

The Romans main drink was wine. They also drunk
wine mixed with other ingredients. Calda, a drink drunk in the winter and was made from wine, water and spices. Mulsum, a honey and wine mixture.

Knights Code
Weapons that the Knights used
Plain medieval sword
A dagger
A mace
Knights shield
The shields would be made out of wood or metal and would have a picture of the knight's emblem or family seal on them.
Chivalry: The Medieval system, customs, and principles of knighthood.
To defend the weak.
Be courteous to all woman.
Always be loyal to their king
Serve God at all times

The Dark/Middle Ages
How it help the era & relation to today.
The 3 types of plagues
An infection of the lymph nodes.
Chills, fever, ill feeling, headache, muscle pain.
"Dark age of Europe was born out of the violent destruction of the Roman Empire"
Bubonic Plague:
The empire was so important to the Romans because with out it their government and power would fail.
Also their education was important too. They wanted their people to be able to read and write.
Their artwork and architecture were very valuable and important to Rome.
Rome then got split in half.
Problems that they were facing:
Western side
Eastern side
The western side failed to keep their empire to survive.
The eastern side manged to be successful and lasted for over 1000 years.
The further the territory was from it's capital the harder to govern.
All of Rome was getting destroyed. Their ancient art work and architecture were getting burned down and damaged. This did not all happen over night. The fall of Rome lasted a long time.
Pneumonic Plague:
An infection of the lungs.
Cough, difficult breathing, fever, frothy, bloody sputum, pain in the chest, breathing deeply.
Septicemic Plague:
An infection of the blood.
Abdominal pain, bleeding due to blood clotting problems, diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting.
There were 9 crusades.
What the lungs looks like with this infection.
The black death plagues killed nearly 2/3 of Europe.
People were suffering and dying from these infections.

Rome was becoming gloomy and dark. Why?
What were the people's life like?
Life got worse, the population got smaller, and the Romans couldn't use their resources as much anymore.
The people started living in shacks.
Days became more gloomy and dark while the people were suffering.
Their only hope was Jesus Christ (Christianity)
A medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.
1st began in 1095-99
2nd: 1189-92
3rd: 1189-92
4th through 6th: 1198-1229
7th: 1248-1254
8th: 1270
9th: 1271-1272
A war between Christian and Muslims which centered around the city of Jerusalem.
What was it?
The plagues helped the Roman Empire come crashing down. It was full of negativity and changed Europe's social structure. It also had a huge impact on the
Roman Catholic Church.
A map of the routes in the Crusades.
The objective of the Crusades was to fight for Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Saracens.
The affects that the Crusades gave on Europe influenced the wealth and power of the Catholic Church, political matters, commerce, feudalism, intellectual development, social and material affects, and the discovery of famous voyages.
Crusaders came from both upper and lower classes.
The Pope was the one who started the Crusades. He thought it was going to go well but it turned out as a disaster. The Europeans felt that the Crusades were necessary because if got the Muslims to get off the Holy Land then it would save the Holy land from the Saracens from killing them.
Chivalry helped the era become more formal and proper in a respectful way.
Woman were treated with respect.
The men/Knights also learned to be gentleman loyal.
There were also codes/rules for them to follow.
Now in modern day we don't know how to practice Chivalry the correct way. Also adults/parents don't know how to teach it the proper way.
Overall they had to:
Duties to Countrymen:
Duties to Woman:
Duties to God:
Known as the "religious chivalry." Being faithful to God and the church. Putting the work ship of God over all others.
This is the most common chivalry used. Showing respect towards all woman.
Known as the "warrior chivalry." This is the most important chivalry of all. Dealing with the knights virtuous traits. For example protecting the poor.
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