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Command line interface (CLI)

No description

Gabriel park

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Command line interface (CLI)

Command line interface (CLI)
What is command line interface?
Menu interface
Menu interface
What is menu interfaces?
Speech-recognition interface
Speech-recognition interface
Speech-recognition interfaces
Forms interfaces
A forms of interface is often used when extra information, which must be supplied by the user, is required to complete the action. For example, when you click on "save as" you are presented with a form that ask you to supply a file name and location for the file to be saved.
Forms interfaces
OS interface
Head-up display (HUD)
Head-up display (HUD)
WIMP interface
WIMP interface
Touch or Gesture control
One of the first touch- or gesture- control screens was the DiamondTouch table, which was developed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) in 2001. Two or more people could sit at the table and interact with the screen, and the screen knew person was doing what.

Now touch- or gesture- control interfaces are used in smartphones and tablets. The signal travels from the touch point to the processor as electrical impulses. The processor analyses and ends. IF then sends the instructions o the operating system to carry out the required tasks. And it all happens in a matter of nanoseconds.
Touch or gesture-control interfaces
The command line interface enables the user to give instruction to the computer directly, using single characters, whole numbers or abbreviations. It was the first active dialogue-style interface used with a computer and is still widely used in spite of the many menu-driven interfaces available today.
A menu interface uses toolbars and keyboard shortcuts to comunicate with the operating system. Menu interfaces come in various different forms, including roll over, pop up, pull down or drop-down menus. The right click function on a mouse is an example of menu interface.
Forms interface
A head-up display is the name given to any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a pilot's need to be able to view information with their head up and looking forwards, instead of angled down looking at lower instruments. Although they were initially developed for military aviation, HUDs are now used in commercial aircraft, automobiles, and other applications
The picture shows several windows. You can see different icons, each representing a different file type or program. Along the top, there is a tool bar containing icons. Above this, there are pull-down menus where further commands are available. WIMPs are graphical user interface that use a mouse or a multi-touch surface to enable us to manipulate icons in order to carry out tasks
Speech recognition interfaces, which are also knows as voice-recognition interfaces, allow people to issue commands and dictate tasks using their voice. Speech-recognition interface have existed for a while but many operating systems haven't taken advantage of the technology. Examples of voice recognition systems include Siri for the iPhone and vlingo for Xbox
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