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Embodiment Project

The role that women play when working on game shows further proves society’s perception of women by using them as advertising gimmicks and a role inferior to men.

Whitney Hagy

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Embodiment Project

Women's Roles in Game Shows Women in Television Advertising "Sex Sells" Ellen DeGeneres Oprah Winfrey Voted Best Day Time Talk Show Host by Parade Hosted 79th Annual Academy Awards Talk Show Hosts Time's Magazine 100 Most Influential People Owns her own Production Company (Harpo and OWN) African American Woman (Beat the Odds?) Solution Solution? Gender Roles Women's Inferiority to Men Societal Perceptions Since women's roles are changing,
shouldn't their use/roles in television in game shows
change too? Always assistants, Never co-hosts The Problem! Game Shows With women models The Price is Right Deal or no deal Wheel of Fortune See a Trend? Without women models Jeopardy! Who Wants to be a millionaire? The Weakest link What's the Difference? Game Show vs Talk Show When are talk shows? When are game shows? Prime time/night time Day time Women and housewives Men just getting off work Reasons why women do it Exposure Exposure Money Money Exposure Money Fame Fame Fame Women could ask for more speaking roles to become an asset and not just a visual ASSet Embrace it? Stop watching the show to lower ratings? Is time the solution? Society needs to change their perception More women game show hosts Is it even a problem? Forbes Top 5 Most Influential Women Video
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