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Testing Unit 222 2.1

No description

James Farrington

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Testing Unit 222 2.1

Unit 222 - Testing ICT Systems (Part 5)
Learning Objective 1
Carry out routine testing and assist in other testing
2.1 Ensure relevant preparation and conclusion activities have been carried out
how to select tests and collect relevant and
sufficient information for the test to be
When in the workshop we are expected to follow a set procedure, this is as below;
1.Book in the client using the SLA
2.Transfer the written information on to Spiceworks.
These stages capture the first elements of testing as we will ask the client what the problem is so that we can pin point a potential area where the issues are.
how to minimise service disruption during
testing and avoid detrimental effects or changes
to performance
When in the workshop we will not find that we disrupt services, however, if you look in the case of the college, when would you bring down a network or server? 9:00am?12:00pm?3:00pm?7:00pm?
what would you do if you needed to work on a computer in the middle of the day? Swap it out for another? tell the person to stop working until you find out the problem?
ways to configure tests
We will always need to consider the configuration of tests as this could cause more problems.
In the workshop we will run through a procedure that will result in the final option of physical tests.
We would
1. visually review the problem
2. try to reproduce the problem to see what happens
3. if required dismantle it for furhter investigation.

how to record, maintain or restore configurations, data and functionality
When a client books in a computer the SLA must be completed, this will also make reference to the back-up that should be taken (if possible) before any work is done, this will enable a restore point. Also any further work carried out on the device being worked on will be documented on the SLA and on Spiceworks, this will then allow another technician that may pick the job up later to complete it, to understand what has been done before.
types of service level agreements
individual responsibility and authority
escalation procedures and risks associated with using a testing process.
When in the college, we have a procedure that or own computing department follows, this will enable a priority of who gets there problems solved first.
For example the Principle, Tutor and Students all have the same problem this would be resolved in the following order
1. Principle
2. Student
3. Tutors
The responsibility of any job is down to the technical person that it is allocated to, this would then be the duty of the level 3 supervisor to check that this is being done.
The authority falls on the tutor in the room who is acting as the manager, so it is important that the correct processes and procedures are followed at all times.
If there were any issues in the workshop relating to the quality and testing areas the following heirarchy should be followed.
Student Supervisor level 3
Curriculum Technician
Tony McKenzie
James Farrington
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