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No description

Paula quintero

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of THE POLLUTION

the melting of the polar ice caps
The most obvious effect of such a temperature increase is the melting of the polar ice caps and the subsequent rise in sea level, causing devastating
Thank you!
The pollution
In just a few years, this can lead to melting of the polar ice caps, a rise in sea level and ocean acidification, coastal by our bad habits that is to say the pollution
The polar bears
Today there are 5 of the 19 species of polar bears in a vulnerable state. Part of the problem is related to the fact that polar bears were constantly hunted for decades. There were no restrictions and the challenge of hunting them was very inspiring for hunters around the world.
The seals
the trash
melted poles
The seal hunt is consistent in obtaining resources from seals activity, mainly harp seal pups (about 95%) .1

It occurs mainly in Canada and Greenland, where it is estimated that in total each year about five hundred thousand copies are killed.
The world
Other animals
this kind of animals
We cause pollution
We kill them
Melting poles
It affects them
We kill
them too
The polar ice caps
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