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Predation, Herbivory,and Keystone Species

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Kaeli Bartholomew

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Predation, Herbivory,and Keystone Species

Predation, Herbivory,and Keystone Species
Predation is an interaction in which one animal captures and feeds on another animal.
It provides the energy the animal needs to prolong it's life and promote reproduction.
The animals that do the hunting are called predators and the animals being hunted are called prey.
Most predation is carnivorous,such as a lion hunting a zebra.
However, not all predators are animals. An example is the Venus Fly Trap and the pitcher plant. They consume insects.
Role of Predators
Predators have a huge role in keeping ecosystems balanced and healthy. They kill off the sick and injured animals and help lower prey populations so they do not become out of control.
Herbivory is an interaction in which one animal feeds on producers.
Animals that eat producers are called herbivores.
Herbivores help regulate plant populations in their community.
Keystone Species
A keystone species is a single species that is not usually abundant in a community yet exerts strong control on the structure of a community.
Without a keystone species, a community would be dramatically different or cease to exist all together.
Example - Wolves
An example of a Keystone Species is the wolf in Yellowstone National Park.
Herbivores can Help
* Herbivory is important because plants are the primary source of energy in a food web.
* Herbivores can affect plant fitness

Herbivores can Hurt
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