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The College Application Process

No description

Amethyst Black

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The College Application Process

The College Application Process
Monthly Action Items...
August- September
Testing and Application Deadlines
SAT/ACT Registration Drive
Morning announcements, class room presentations
Open House
Parental Involvement
Career Inventory Surveys via Naviance
Helps students narrow school choices
Individual meetings and group sessions
Create Accounts

Knowing Your Students
Once we know our students, we can discuss the “Best Fit” for them academically
Small, Private
Large, Public
2 year, 4 year

Also, we are able to determine what they can handle and the best way(s) push them
Specific major, academic rigor, support
UC System
I'm a Senior! Now What?
Schedule class presentations as soon as you get to your campus
Goal: Reach all seniors
Scheduling class periods (English, Government, Substitutes)
Schedule the entire day/week
After school/Evenings (Parents)

Follow-up drives
Ensure applications are complete

Application Submission
“I Hit Submit, Is That It?”

Goal Setting
Example: Every senior will apply to at least 5-8 colleges.
It’s important to have options (Even if they are going to the Military).
Community College vs. 4 year college
They need a safety school
Some students will want to attend a Community College
Have a list of all those schools

“Why do I have to apply to so many schools?”
“Does it count if I was in something freshman year?”
YES…it DOES count!
Even if students were in an organization for a few weeks, it still counts
Communicate with students to help them remember what they did in high school
Do NOT react negatively if they were really never in organizations. Sometimes it is for reasons beyond their control (family issues, etc.)
Provide Volunteer Resources for them.
Students WILL forget Apply Texas user names and passwords
Keep a user name form for each student so it won’t be an issue
This will allow things to be more efficient
A lot of the times Gmail and other email is blocked on campus
Promote Apply Texas (and Common App)
from the very FIRST day of school.
English class presentations
Post Flyers and posters (on bright paper) everywhere!
Have College Access programs/Students help make posters
(English classes, gym, Cafeteria, vending machines)
Word of mouth from Students!

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
In class announcements
First or last 5-10 minutes
Morning and after school announcements

“Ma’am/Sir what is that Apply…what’s it called again??”
The Counselor log-in will allow you to see students' progress on their Apply Texas Applications
Have they submitted an application?
What schools have they applied to?
Have they completed all necessary essays?

Excel Download
Filter Option
You can filter by school (Ex. filter all students who have applied to Texas A&M)
You can also filter by Submitted vs. Not Submitted (Ex. All students who have began a Texas A&M app but have not submitted the application)

Apply Texas Counselor Suite
"I Forgot my Password"
What Are They Missing?

College Representatives can send Applicant Reports specific to their Institution
Pending documents
Request updated reports for each school

Pending Transcripts and Fee Waivers
Locate students individually by their class schedules
Send emails until they reply
Be assertive, or "pushy" if necessary

Send Reminders
Ex. "You are still on Pg. 9 of your Apply Texas Application to Texas A&M. The deadline is Dec. 1. See Ms. Castaneda ASAP."
College Board Counselor Report
Utilize Administration
If you seek higher authority, teachers
will listen and cooperate!!

Pace High School
Students were excused from class; teachers had to abide

Harlingen South High School
Assistant Principal spoke with students who did not want to apply to college

Jack Yates High School
Teachers gave extra credit to students who attended application workshops
Filter Options:
By month/test date
Grade level
Registration date
Fee waiver usage
Test Attended
Test Site
Multiple Registrations
SAT Subject Tests

Checking the status of students who may or may not have taken the SAT
Send reminders if a test date is approaching or if a student is not registered
If the student did not show up for the exam, talk to them about it
- Understanding Student Needs

-Forming Alliances

- Discuss Application Process Timeline

- Assisting with the Application Process

- Helping Students Stay Organized

- Supporting Credentials

- Incentives

Pick up documents {big envelopes}
-Coordinate drop off/pick up in advance for students to know deadlines

Helpful Resources: {Representatives}
Check with local clinics or school nurse
Group Assignment
Monthly Action Items...
College Application Workshop
Timeliness on essays/ essay workshop
Letters of recommendations (requesting in a timely manner)
Ensure student has a professional review their application prior to submission
College Night (district)

Submission of Required Documents
College Visit

Monthly Action Items...
FAFSA Forecaster
Remind parents about required tax information
Community College Applications
Brainstorm incentives to that would motivate students to complete the application process...
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