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The Flipped Classroom

No description

Kim Layman

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom The Traditional Classroom: Homework = content (lecture)
delivered through a video The Flipped Classroom How it all began... 1. Find or create videos/presentations
- Teacher made (document camera, iPad, video camera, Powerpoints, Prezis)
-Existing videos (Discovery Education, BrainPop, Learnzillion, etc)
-Other formats such as Mentormob

2. Post videos/presentations online How do I get started? Assessment - did students understand the content?
Differentiation - Students work on the skills they need to practice, based on the assessment. What happens next? Class time = presentation of content (lecture) and some practice A Flipped Video Example: What if a child can’t watch the video at home?
To what extent should parents be involved in the flipped homework?
How often should I assign flipped homework? Frequently Asked Questions Homework = practice of content taught in class Problems:
Not enough class time!
Frustrated students and parents when homework is difficult Classwork = practice and application of content Benefits:
Less frustration from students and parents
More class time for:
application of skills Let's talk about technology...
How to make a video: What is it?

Why should I use it with my class? Your questions/concerns...
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