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Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan Event

No description

Jessica Layton

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan Event

Big Fat Organic Farm By Jessica Layton Explanation Trend Opportunity What Makes Us Different? Potential Target Market •Sold at high traffic groceries and small organic markets
•Information? We provide it.
•Largest variety of fruits and vegetables grown in Knoxville Tennessee; Bananas, watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, small citrus fruits, squash, berries, and peppers, as well as a variety of vegetables such as, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, lettuce, beans, and peas.
• And we are local! • Independent Business

• Modern produce industry provides consumers
with produce contaminated with harmful chemicals an pestices. BFOF will provide clean produce and vegetables free of these harmful pesticides and chemicals.

• Local Business: Knoxville, Tennessee.

• BFOF will locally providing a huge variety of fresh produce, such as bananas, watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, small citrus fruits, squash, berries, and peppers, as well as a variety of vegetables such as, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, lettuce, beans, and peas. • Consumer demand for organic food has been increasing steadily for over the 12 years, and is showing signs of growing further in the future. From 2009- 2010 the organic market sales increased 7.7 percent and from 2010-2011 it increased 9.5 percent reaching 1.97 billion in sales across the United States. If these trends continue growing steadily as they have been, then in 2013 the market sales will have increased by12.3 percent from those sales made in 2009. This growth beats the conventional franchise produced fruits and vegetables by 4.5 percent. • Growing demand for healthy life style.

• Solves three major problems; organic food cleanliness concerns, the lack of freshness and quality of produce, and environmental risk with organic farming. Chemical like Ethylene and Ethephon were becoming a common find on fruits in super markets, and these chemicals can cause damage to the brain and lungs! •Reach: across east Tennessee.

•Growth: Expand farm from 10acre to 20/30 acres and Open more farms in Knoxville and in East Tennessee.

•Earning: About $31,800 annually. This is a profit margin that has included all annual expenses and payroll. • BFOF will need about $300,000 to pay for land, irrigation and initial supplies. After that, it is possible that BFOF will need $170,000 for the first year so that we can get on our feet. After this first year we will be able to make a profit and support ourselves. Conclusion Work Cited “Industry Statistics and Projected Growth.” OTA. Organic Trade Association, June 2011. Web. Organic Trade Association. 10 Jan. 2013.

“Organic Food Sales Growth Outpaces Rest of Grocery Industry.” Business News Daily. Ned Smith, 24 April 2012. Web. n.p. 10 Jan. 2013. Trend Picture http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/organic/news/2009-05a8.htm Jumping Picture
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wxAfxyeP-T8/T0zNH0ykSUI/AAAAAAAAABA/QE5briHcTXo/s1600/life2.jpg Fruit Picture
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