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unit 19- personal selling and promotional skills in hospital

No description

Jake Mcgrath

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of unit 19- personal selling and promotional skills in hospital


how personal selling and
promtional activities benfit
wetherspoons as a business.
Also how this benfits staff
and customers.

defination of personal selling
• A way businesses use their sale force to sell products after meeting face to face with the customer.
• Sellers promote products through their attitude, appearance and specialist product knowledge
• Personal selling is a way to inform and encourage a customer to buy, or at least trail a product.

definition of promotions.
• Promotion is a way of publicizing a product, or company, this helps with increasing sales and customer awareness.
• An example of promotion would be in Tesco- buy one get one free, this encourages sales of this product without employee and customer interaction.
6 personal selling and promotional activities!
Weatherspoons uses many different personal selling and promtional activities.
These promotional activities can help weatherspoons in multiple ways.

1- club evenings
A big promtional activity wetherspoons are big on is there infamous club nights.

promtional mix.
The promotional mix includes the folloing tools-

- any paid form of presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

Public relations
- building good relationships with customers for publicity, to building customer relations and public image.

Sales promotion
- short term incentives to encourage the customers to purchase or sale of a product or service.

Direct marketing
- direct communication with carefully targeted individual customers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Personal selling
-face to face selling.

unit 19- task 1- personal selling and promotional skills in hospitality
3- merchandising
Weatherspoons has an online shop.
helps raise the awarness of weatherspoons as a brand.
brings in more income for the company other than there food and beverages.
2- table talkers
This form of promotional actvity helps promote deals and information for weatherspoons without employee interaction.
4- competitions
Wetherspoons has multiple
competitions .
these help boost customer intrest and helps with income for wether spoons.
5- sponsorship
weatherspoons sponsors many charities, these include;
clic sargent- cancer reaserch for kids
These help wetherspoons create good community relations.
6- news and social media
Wetherspoons has many different social media sites, these include;
apple app store
android app store
benefits to the organisation
larger customer base
benfit to sales
brings in public awarness
brings in sales options to be expanded.

Staff benefits
benfits for staff-
helps devlope there customer service skills
brings confedence when selling and promoting for wetherspoons through training
incentives for staff to promote and sell more, this boosts wetherspoons income and also boosts staff pay.
In conclusion;
benfits staff
benefits the buisness
increases public image
improves community relations
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