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Steve Jobs

No description

shada shaf

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

On January 5, 2000
Steve Jobs became the
official CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs By: Shada Shafieian Luckily, Steve's small ownage in the computer division in Pixar saved him from his downfall
Back in 1986, Steve had bought the computer divison of Pixar
He became the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios in 1995
Pixar had signed a deal with Disney to create a computer animated film called Toy Story
One week after Toy story is released, Steve's net worth rised to over $1.5 billion In the decade following Steve's departure from Apple, the company was experiencing difficulty in sales and competition against Windows 95

Gill Amelio had become the new CEO, and Steve had convince him to buy NeXT for $400 million - the deal was made and Steve returned to Apple in December of 1996

Apple lost $700 million in the first quarter of 1997, and the board decided to replace Amelio and make Steve the new interim CEO

By 1998, the iMac was introduced, it was very success with an intriguing design followed by colorful iBooks. After 3 years, Apple was back to its status of "cool tech" After a six-month medical leave, Jobs
returns to unveil the iPad, followed by the
iPhone 4.

Due to his illness he takes another
unexpected leave of absence. Despite
his illness he returns for the launch of the
iPad 2.

During his last public appearance at the
Cupertino City Council he introduces Apples plan
for the Space Ship Campus. A few months later Steve came up with a new computer company with some other ex-Apple employees. He called it NeXT. The NeXT Cube was established but was unsuccessful in sales. It was a great machine but it was extremely overpriced.

By 1993, Steve had reached the downfall of his career. He focused less on work, and more on his wife and children. Steve began to work on a new project
and named it Lisa, after his daughter.
At the time, his ex- girlfriend gave birth
to a little girl- but Steve denied paternity.
Steve was soon thrown out of the Lisa project due
to his hot temper. Instead, he took over the Macintosh project. Steve and Steve When Steve was 13 he met 18 year old Steve Wozniak
Wozniak was an intelligent electronic wiz kid, who created his own computers
Steve took great interest in his work, and saw the potential in his inventions
Jobs convinced Wozniak to start a company, they sold many of their valuable possessions, and started a company with $1,300
Apple Computer was born on April 1, 1976
They begin to assemble computers in Jobses' garage and sell them to independent computer dealers in the area Wozniak began to work on Apple II, and Jobs convinced the formal Intel Executive Mike Markkula to invest $250,000 in Apple Started with a seed... Realization Lisa Background Steve soon became the head of the Macintosh project
It was successful for the first few moths, but sales quickly plummeted
Steve believed he had saved Apple, this created tension with Jake Sculley the CEO
Jobs attempted to convince executives Sculley should leave the company
the executives sided with Sculley and in September of 1985 Steve Jobs resigned from Apple Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California
His biological parents are Joanne Schieble of Swiss Catholic decent and his father Abdulfattah Jandali is Syrian
He was adopted and raised by Paul and Clara Jobs in Santa Clara county in a neighborhood of engineers
His biological parents felt strongly that the adoptive parents had to be college graduates
Sadly, neither Paul or Clara had an education past high school. Regardless, they promised that their son would attend college Education Jobs learned to read before he started going to school. He attended Monta Loma Elementary School He then attended Crittenden Middle School. Steve was known to be a trouble maker. He pranked many students along with his teachers. His parents however, never punished him for his transgressions His fourth grade teacher had learned how to handle Steve and his mischievous ways She bribed him with candy and money to do his homework, after a month Jobs no longer required bribes, he wanted to learn He proved his intelligence and skipped the fifth grade He was often bullied and refused to attend Crittenden any longer In 1967, the Jobs family moved and Steve was enrolled in a better school, Cupertino Junior High
Steve didnt adjust to the changes well, and was considered a loner
He had no interest in sports or joining clubs
Fortunately, he had made a friend named Bill Fernandez who shared his interest in electronics
Fernandez then introduced Jobs to his neighbor the Wozniaks
Jobs attended Homestead Highschool in 1968 By 1972 Steve was ready for College. He wanted to attended Reed an expensive liberal arts college in Oregon. Like promised by his parents, Paul and Clara spent all their savings to enroll Steve to his school of choice. After one semester at Reed, Jobs dropped out.
He seemed to be more interested in eastern mysticism, fasting/diets, and LSD. He became some what of a laggard hippie. He was desperate for cash, and began working at Atari a video game company. He used his funding's and took a trip to India, to seek enlightenment. He returned, rather disappointed.
But his engagement with Buddhism,
deeply engrained his personality. Apple II was a success, and bought by many accountants and buisness owners. By 1980, Apple went public, and Steve Jobs net worth increased to over $200 million. Soon, the IBM PC entered the market and became Apples biggest threat Revenge With iMacs success
Jobs began to use Apples
knowledge and create a software
that no other PC could run. iMacDV
and iMovie were introduced. By 2001, the first retail
store is opened in
Virginia and California.
On October 23, 2001 Steve introduced the iPod at
a small media event. No one had any idea of how it would transform Apple. By 2002 the iPod was also compatible with Windows.

Within a year, Jobs reinvented the music industry and launched the first online music store, called iTunes. This not only benefited all major music labels, but helped with the sales of iPods.

It was a instant success selling one million songs in the first week Following the release of the iPod, the
iPod mini was launched a year later in 2004. This became the best selling
Mp3 player. In January of 2007, Steve Jobs
introduced the iPhone. with its
revolutionary touch screen
interface. This is the start of his
change in the mobility world.
By June, it was released.

He also changes the name "Apple
Computer Inc", to "Apple Inc". By 2008, the iPhone had had gained much attention. It many features and access to apps became very popular. The "There's An App For That" campaign advertised the growing popularity of Apps Steve Jobs resigned
on august 24, 2011.

On October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs passed

1955-2011 Contributions Jobs is not often known for his charitable or humanitarian efforts
He may not have changed the world like M.L.K Jr or Gandhi but he changed the world technologically
He revolutionized music, video, and design in technology
He changed the way the world lives, communicate, and access information Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said that Mr. Jobs "changed the world with what he built. He was the visionary and the dreamer for all of us”. Works Cited http://allaboutstevejobs.com/bio/shortbio.php
http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Apple_Computer_Inc.aspx Medical Concerns In early 2003, Steve
was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He refused to get surgery and tired alerternative diets and acuputure. By 2004 he agreed to get surgery. He was cured until 2008, when the cancer retunred again. The iPod nano The iPod Shuffle The iPod Touch
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