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MYD Connect Leadership Training

No description

Ammany Elgahmi

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of MYD Connect Leadership Training

MYD Connect Google site PROGRAM OVERVIEW Documentation Program Breakdown Agenda Spirituality Component Why the revamp? https://sites.google.com/site/mydconnectprogram/home Week by Week Breakdown Various Roles Intro/Welcome
Overview of Connect Program
Program Breakdown
Connect Leader Role
Connect Liaison Role
Wrap-Up What is the big picture? First Year: Creed (Aqeeda)
Second Year: Purification of the Heart (Tazkiyah)
Third Year: Acts of worship (Ibaadat) What is the goal of Connect? What are the components of Connect? The MAS Youth Detroit Connect program aims to empower current or aspiring activists to develop themselves personally, socially, and spiritually. Spiritual
Social (building brotherhood/sisterhood)
Personal development Social Component Personal Development Group Activities What will YOUR role be in this program? What will OUR role be in this program? Lead weekly discussion.
Followup on Connect members' PDP progress.
Schedule group activities and assign members to lead them.
Add on resources relevant to discussion.
Add notes and suggestions to help build program, provide feedback.
Expected to prepare 1-2 hr per session.
Required to check-in with Connect Liaison once a month.
Will have at least 2 Connect Leader meetings in the upcoming year. Connect Leader Connect Liaison Each Connect will be assigned a Connect Liaison (CL)
The CL will make sure everyone is on track with the program, both the leaders and members.
The CL will check-in monthly with the Connect leaders. This will be either done by phone, email, or in person.
CLs are there for the Connects as a resource. Be there to help Connects progress through the program. If leaders have any questions or concerns, they should be addressed with your liaison. Wrap-Up DOCS:
Weekly agenda
Monthly Check-In Nov 15th-Applications Due
Early Dec.-Notification of Connect assignments
Early Jan.-Connect member Orientation
January-First Connect session
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