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kay townzun

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of SOUTH AFRICA

Known for it's incredible diversity since it's creation.
Earliest known people were the San and Khoekhoe, until the European settlers came and brought over smallpox, which led to a great dissemination of the people and culture.
In 1652, a Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck, a member of the East India Trading Company founded the Cape of Good Hope, which later became Cape Town. The Dutch transported slaves from Indonesia, Madagascar, and India.
Large segregation between Whites and Black Africans was created also known as the apartheid. Led to the economic, social, and life expectancy of Africans to decline.
1961: South Africa became a republic, and still with the powerful efforts of revolutionary turned President, Nelson Mandela, economic prosperity for black South Africans is still submissive to Whites.
SoutH africa and HIV/aids
Second largest in Africa, next to Nigeria
Operates on a mixed economy which means a private sector and the government control the economy
Unemployment rate is at a high of 24.1% putting the country on the list for number 8th country in the world with economic inequality
Production in agriculture, vehicle manufacturing, mining and food processing
Parliamentary representative democratic republic.
Multiparty system including 13 parties.
Parliament with two houses: The National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces.
Their judiciary branch is independent of the executive and legislative branch.
Current President: Jacob Zuma
South Africa has eleven different languages
78% of their population are practicing Christians
Food is largely based around meat, popularly barbeque.
Adornment is popular including the Xhosa beadwork, which is made by stitching the beads onto backings of cowhide or goatskin.
Tuesday, December 2 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Where Is It Located?
Capital: Pretoria
Southern tip of Africa
Southern Hemisphere which makes it's coldest months being in June-August, opposite of the United States
Coastline stretches from South Atlantic to Indian Ocean
25th largest country in land area
25th most populous country with over 53 million inhabitants
Republic of South Africa
Political Systems
Work Cited
South Africa currently holds the top rank in the world with humans having HIV/AIDS at a large 5.6 million people.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has left a lot of children without parents increasing the number of orphans within South Africa at 1.2 million
Efforts to aid the epidemic include massive campaigns from all overr the world as well as internal aid within the government through healthcare funding.
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