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Kevin Nguyen

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of k

Rusting: The Corrosion of Iron
Steel is a metal alloy composed of iron
Small percentage of Carbon
Manganese, vanadium, chromium,
and nickle
Stainless steel can be 18% chromium and 10% nickle

Primary method of prevent rust is coating such as painting so to protect the metal from oxygen
Plating steel with other metals it can provides longer lasting protection
Cathodic Protection
prevention of steel in buried fuel tanks and pipelines
supplying the metal to be protected with electrons
The Oxidation of Metal
Breakdown of metal by redox reaction
Loses strength and attractiveness

Sacrificial anode
Attaching a more active meal
Connected to the wire
Impresses current
Attaching an object to protect the negative terminal from DC power source
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