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The effect of the Internet on Adolescnts

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Maria Rojas

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of The effect of the Internet on Adolescnts

Media Danger! Cont'D
Media danger is one thing that adolescents can get involved with very easily. Adolescents can easily look things up now a days and see what is on the internet without knowing the consequences. Social medias are a big part in an adolescents life because they are used daily, and are more likely to be seen by teens.

What do you think are some Media Dangers teens can see in the internet?
The internet is full of many useful things. The internent has been known to be useful towards people who need it for information on projects and to get in contact with people quicker, but it can also have a negative affect, especially in adolescents. Adolescents are more involved with the internet that any other age group. They are right in the line of seeing things that should not be seen or be doing.
Media danger
are three out of many things that adolescents can be involved with.

Media Danger! Facts
Pornography! :$
- Pornography can be thought of as all sexually explicit material intended primarily to arouse the reader, viewer, or listener.

*Youth who look at violent x-rated material are six times more likely to report forcing someone to do something sexual online or in-person versus youth not exposed to x-rated material. The words "sex" and "porn" rank fourth and sixth among the top ten most popular search terms.

There are five ways pornography can effect teens: 1 The hormone dipamine, 2 memory effect, 3 changing perceived pleasure, 4 cause of ADD and 5 encourages eating disorders. Some teens see it as a way to "learn" and boys are more liekly to seek for it while girls may land on it by accident.

Cyber Bullying! Facts
*95% of social media-using teens who have witnessed cruel behavior on social networking sites say they have seen others ignoring the mean behavior; 55% witness this frequently (PEW Internet Research Center, FOSI, Cable in the Classroom, 2011)

*84% have seen the people defend the person being harassed; 27% report seeing this frequently.

*81% of youth agree that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.

Cyber Bullying!
*Cyberbullying is willful and repeated harm (i.e., harassing, humiliating, or threatening text or images) inflicted through the Internet, interactive technologies, or mobile phones.

Bullying at school is one thing that can be handled with but now that it is being done over the internet it is a lot harder to deal with. Now teens who are part of being bullied dont even feel safe at home by what people are saying to them or about them on facebook, twitter etc.

What do you think are some ways to stop cyberbullying?

The effect of the Internet on Adolescents
*Online video networking sites like YouTube and Ustream allow anyone to upload and share videos they produce, copy or find.
* Parents should be aware that many video networks contain an abundance of pornography, violent content and drug and alcohol abuse.
*Most computers and mobile devices today come with built-in webcam devices, and uploading videos is simple on these sites.
*Teens are posting a tremendous amount of information on their online profiles, so it is vitally important that teens use strict privacy settings and are savvy about the individuals they allow to view their social networking profile.

The internet is full of useful material, but it can also have a negative effect, especially with adolescents. In order to try and get teens away from media that can effect them negatively is to talk to them about the dangers that are on the internet and also how what you say on it can never go away and it can also hurt a person and eefect that person and the people around them.
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