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Case study


Anqi Mao

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Case study

Lessons Learned
Inclusion and Diversity
part of leadership program

(employee measurement, affecting their merit and bonus payout) It is critical to define the local relevance of inclusion .

The desired change is "holographic"

Take into account the specific cultural and management biases of an organizations It is not easy to monitor which people are credibly and authentically implementing actions of inclusion

Investing and building an internal capability Managing change takes TIME

Being inclusive involves addressing EMOTIONS and may create DISCOMFORT at the beginning.

The more you raise AWARENESS, the more you raise EXPECTATIONS.

Nothing will change without COMMITMENT form LEADERS and modeling inclusive behaviors. PepsiCo International worked with TMC to manage change and build a globally inclusive organization On a day-to-day basis, individual managers were clearly not demonstrating support of these values.
Every employee treats other with respect and fairness, demonstrating sensitivity to differences and appreciation for diverse perspectives and opinions.

At more senior levels, it is expected that managers and executives foster an inclusive work environment and one that helps people build a healthy balance between work and personal life. Background PepsiCo international was created in 2003 in response to the global business environment, as well as changes in the talent and consumer markets.

PepsiCo Invited TMC (Training Management Corporation) to help them build a globally inclusive organization. The challenge Project Scope Participants: 90,000 employees at all levels (from the CEO to hourly employees)

•The approach

•TMC modified the change model

•Four phase Culture Roadmap Case Study to Fit PepsiCo Goals Complexity of the effort

Adopted John Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model

Ultimate Goal Implemented tools to help leaders further their practice and enhance their skills Kotter’s Change Model Phase III Phase II Workshops for senior leadership buy-in Phase IV First Phase Emotional requirements for change

Two 3-hour sessions Leadership workshop to develop skills that enable leaders at every level TMC created a Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner Certification Program Local Ownership and Relevance Awareness Capability Sustainment Phase Awareness
and Inclusion
of Diversity Growth in six key competencies, attributed to key managers and emphasis on Diversity Representation of women at the Executive Level increases
Employees aware of biases/prejudices Preliminary
Results (Biggest gains) Create Globally inclusive unifying organizational culture Enable business growth objectives
Particularly market expansion
Collaborative excellence and talent development Local wnership and relevance
Sustainment Anqi Mao
Javier Garcia
Yue Liu
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