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No description

Erika Klump

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of ChemClub

On a piece of paper, write:
A travel destination
Your favorite food
Your neighbor’s favorite food
Fold it into a paper airplane Introduction Chemistry, 3rd year
I am an avid cyclist
My favorite board game is "Clue“
I played tuba in high school Officers Nikita Bodoukhin
Webmaster Mathematics, 4th year
Minors: Chemistry and Bioinformatics
I played the Tuba for 8 years
I enjoy computer programming in my spare time
I once saved the galaxy from a full-scale reaper invasion
  Materials Science and Engineering, 4th year
I hiked the first 50 miles of the Appalachian trail. 
I'm a registered parliamentarian.
My only ride in a helicopter was to the hospital. Biochemistry, 4th Year
I play the sax
I enjoy long walks on the beach
I love watching sunsets Biology, 4th year; Business
Minor(s): Administration and Entrepreneurship
I was born in Bombay, India
The first 3 letters of my first name are my initials
I am an RA at Springs Complex Pharmacy, 1st year
Minor: Chemistry (maybe)
I am in Pharmacy school even though this is my 3rd year in school
I was a lifeguard.
I am basically undefeated in the playing card game: Egyptian Ratscrew (ERS) Chemical Engineering, 4th year
Minor: Chemistry
I can eat a dozen cookies before running 3 miles
I plan to work as a physician in the military
Mexico Lindo is my favorite restaurant in Gville Chemistry, 4th year
Minor: Art History
I enjoy cooking and bartending.
I taught myself how to cut hair during college.
I want to do something involving teaching in my career. Dr. Leslie Murray Dr. Ronald Castellano Faculty Advisors Volunteer to demonstrate physical science concepts at a local elementary or middle school

lab kits provided by Chemistry Club

Partners can be assigned

Weekly or biweekly volunteering is possible(you’ll need about a 3-hour block) CHM2045 content during Fall 2012
Based around online youtube videos
Old exam problems
Conceptual explanations
Practice problems from textbook
Collaboration with Broward Tutoring Center Tutoring Program Program will be useful to you starting sometime between Exam 1 and 2.
Stay posted on the listserv and Facebook group.
Tell your classmates! Are you taking CHM2045? Tutors will be assigned topics to prepare short presentations for.

Group taping sessions will be held every 1-2 weeks in the Broward video studio.

Time commitment: flexible

Requirements: competent and comfortable with CHM2045 material We need tutors! Study for the MCAT or Chem GRE the fun way
Practice speaking skills
Put it on your resume
Review for higher level classes Why would I bother?
(other than that warm, fuzzy feeling) Mentor/Mentee Pre-order now, $10
Get next time, $12

Colors available:
Metro blue
Grey Official: http://www.chem.ufl.edu/~saacs/ Online
Resources Research Workshop Catalytic Chemistry Biotechnology Biochemistry Agricultural Chemists Analytical
Chemistry Environmental Chemists Colloid and Surface Science Consumer Product Chemistry Chemical Engineering Chemical Educators Water Chemistry Atmospheric Chemistry Textile Chemistry Science Writing R&D Management Pulp and Paper Chemistry Polymer Chemistry Physical Chemistry Oil and Petroleum Organic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Materials Science Inorganic Chemistry Geochemistry Forensic Chemistry Food and flavor chemistry Student Affiliates of
the American Chemical Society

1st General Body Meeting

Fall 2012 UF Chemistry Club Flask Fundraisers Barbecues Charity Fundraisers Instructional speaker – Dr. Donna Wrublewski Open discussion about student experiences Research programs- REU, HHMI, etc. Liquid nitrogen ice cream Outreach Facebook
Group and Page: "UF Chemistry Club" Mary Garner Historian Biology, 3rd year
Minor: Russian
I like video games
I like bacon Brian Kagay
Volunteer Coordinator Justin Bricker
Volunteer Coordinator Ishaan
Treasurer Akshay Deshpande
Treasurer Benjamin Duong (Ben)
Sectretary Claire Ziewitz
Vice President Erika Klump
President T-shirts Fig. 2 Hedgehog Fig 1. James Clerk Maxwell- really smart dude who studied physics and chemistry back in the day
Anyone can join the team!
Error in email: games will be every Sunday at 4:10 or 5 PM(TBA), *NOT on Tues.*
Our first game is Nov. 9th.
Join the Facebook group, Maxwell's Hedgehogs Volleyball Team Fall 2012, to get updates and communicate with your teammates.
There currently a poll on this page to determine when our weekly practices will be. Intramural Indoor Volleyball Team Maxwell’s Hedgehogs ACS Membership Careers
ACS offers its members a variety of professional development resources to help advance their careers.

Access the world's largest scientific association, which includes 164,000+ members.

Internships & Opportunities
ACS provides its members with the resources and opportunities needed to enrich their programs of study.

Research & Publications
Stay up-to-date in world chemical news and breakthroughs in research with ACS publications.

Outreach & Advocacy
Get involved in the community and meet other ACS members through a variety of outreach programs. Stay up-to-date on federal legislation and contact members of Congress through ACS networks. Liquid N2 ice cream Activities Wednesday, September 12 6:15pm Club Programs Announcements As a chemist, what can I do? Academia



Health Professions

Legal Professions What can't you do?? Federal, state, and local
~10% of chemists are in government
Salaries are lower, but jobs are more secure
Develop scientific basis for government regulations and monitor effectiveness
Examples: National Institute of Health (NIH), Naval Research Laboratory, Department of Health & Human Services Government Employs ~2/3 of all chemists
Excellent salaries but may not be secure
Research & development, sales, marketing, R&D management Industries
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