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Paper Towns

No description

Gaby Mielke

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Paper Towns

This is a picture of the Jefferson Park area.
The book Paper Towns takes place in March in the town of Jefferson Park, Florida.
The book Paper Towns starts off when a girl Margo steps into a boy named Quentin's life again. They were friends as little kids, but haven't talked since high school. First, Margo had thirteen things she had to accomplish that night, but didn't have a car to do it, so she asked Quentin for help. They went on adventures like breaking into Sea World and shaving off people's eyebrows they didn't like. Second, Margo goes missing and Quentin finds out that Margo left clues for him to find her. He finds a book of poems she left for him. He finds clues like scraps of paper with addresses on them stuffed in door jams and other interesting clues. Third, Quentin and his friends looked for Margo and found many places where she had been. They knew they were getting closer to where she was, but they had no idea if she would still be there when they got there. Quentin put so much time into looking for Margo that he and his friends even missed their graduation ceremony. The climax of Paper Towns was when they found Margo in a deserted town in New York. When they got there she was not happy to see them. As it turns out, she did not want to be found. You will have to read the book to find out why Margo left and if she will ever come back.
The main conflict in the book Paper Towns occurs when a girl named Margo disappears and a boy named Quentin and his friends search to find her. Margo left clues for them to find her, but the clues are random, difficult to put together and lead nowhere.
Key Characters
The two main characters of this book are Margo Roth Speigelman and Quentin Jacobsen. My favorite character is Margo because she has a variety of very different and interesting character traits. One of her character traits is that she is very adventurous. She shows this trait when she goes through many obstacles just to sneak into Sea World at night. Margo is also very organized. She plans all of her trips and does all the research before she goes on them. Margo is also very creative. She keeps a detailed journal of her life that contains both real experiences and made up stories. Quentin also has a variety of character traits. He is kind. He shows this trait when he helps Margo accomplish her errands. Quentin is also very smart. He shows this trait when he was able to put together all of the clues Margo left him. Lastly, Quentin is persistent . He shows this character trait when he was having trouble finding Margo, but he never gave up looking.
By John Green
Paper Towns
Page 303
Quote: " But we're not sprouts from the same plant. I can't be you. You can't be me. You can imagine another well, but not quite perfectly."
I think this quote really brings value to the book Paper Towns. It shows that when Quentin was looking for Margo he tried to think like her to find her. Through the journey he discovered so much more about her that he didn't know before. Once Quentin found Margo, she explained that you can never really know everything about a person. This quote really clarifies that thought in a way that you can visualize.
One of the main themes in Paper Towns is to always chase your dreams. Margo shows that she is chasing her dreams when she leaves town suddenly. She knows she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in a "paper town", so she packs up all of her stuff and leaves quickly. Quentin shows he is chasing his dreams when he left his family, friends, and graduation just to find Margo. Finding Margo was his dream at that moment.
The book Paper Towns was an amazing book. I would rate this book a four out of five. I only gave it a four because, although Paper Towns was a great book, I feel the ending was not very good. I think the book ended a bit abruptly and the author could have gone into more detail as to why Margo left and explain if she would ever come back.
I would recommend this book to other middle school aged kids for a couple of reasons. One, it is a funny book, so they would get a laugh out of reading it. Second, Paper towns is relatable. The main characters in this book are teenagers and I think most kids would find they have something in common with Margo and Quentin. Third, Paper Towns is a very interesting book. There is never a boring page or chapter in this book. It is very engaging and keeps readers on the edge of their seat!
Character Traits
Margo is adventurous because she breaks into Sea World and just leaves everything behind. She leaves the next day because that's just what she feels is right.
Doesn't give up
Quentin shows he never gives up when he can't find Margo, but he keeps looking.
Good sense of humor
Ben shows he has a good sense of humor when he cracks jokes and makes everyone laugh when they're down.
Lacey shows she is loyal when even though she would miss her high school graduation she still went looking for Margo. Although Margo was mad at Lacey and wouldn't speak to her, Lacey still stayed by her side and helped her.
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