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Pan's Labyrinth

No description

Emily Lane

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth
A Way to Explore the Past
2004 saw the beginning of a national remembrance
and investigation of what happened during the Franco
Disobedient to both
eating the grapes
messing the dress
Intertextual Referencing
Ophelia, and death in Hamlet
wishes her brother had never
been born then has to go find
her brother in the labyrinth
The Monarchy?
Can't occur until the past is unfrozen
Important because of the Valley of the Fallen
Should this be removed if it is a symbol
of Franco and all the pain he caused - a vital question for Spaniards.
What is reality?
How does Vidal find the mandrake
if its in Ophelia's imagination?
How did she exit her room without the chalk
if its in Ophelia's imagination?
the fantasy
the reality
Death in Pan's Labyrinth
Mother's death
Ophelia's death
Holes in Pan's Labyrinth
Is the fantasy world real?
the fawn
= rebirth
What is the way forward for Spain?
Violent - but so are the feelings about the past for Spaniards
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