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Star Bright Books Marketing Plan

No description

Anna Gibson

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of Star Bright Books Marketing Plan

Star Bright Books Marketing Plan
By Anna Gibson

Welcome to Star Bright Books
Star Bright Books is an independent publishing company dedicated to producing the highest quality books for children. Deborah Shine established the press aiming to produce great books for great kids.
We are the definition of great.
We are the definition of determined.
So what's next?
Set the trend for high rated book publishers.
The new face of Star Bright Books.
A mobile application and online bookstore accessible anywhere on the go.
Introducing Star Bright eBooks for librarians, teachers, and children alike.
What comes first?
Star Bright Books creates books for children of every race, nationality, and ability, inspiring a life-long desire to read. We give children the ability to learn through the eyes of someone just like them.
We are the definition of unique.
By publishing books in over 20 different languages, we exceed the standards of most publishers. We also produce bilingual books enabling children to learn English while reading their native language. We are proud to publish authors from around the globe such as the world renowned illustrator Brian Wildsmith who has found a home here at Star Bright.
Marketing Objectives
Develop and create a mobile application for ordering eBooks by Spring 2014
Have at least 10 eBooks available through the app by Winter of 2014
Increase market share by 5% in the coming year
Financial Objectives
Boost growth in earnings by 5% within two years
Raise total sales by 10% in the coming year compared to last year's sales in the same period
Glad you asked.
From our Brian Wildsmith collection
We are the definition of informed.
So how do we reach our goals?
Magazine Ad
With a commercial and a magazine advertisement, we can go above and beyond our goals.
People: Find and aim for our target market.
Create and send out a survey via email for randomly selected educators, literacy professionals, and parents for information regarding our target market
Analyze the survey feedback and find our target market within the next month
Aim to finalize a specific target market that will give more information about new and returning customers in coming years
Current assumed target market:
20-60 year old women
college grads, middle class and above
Caucasian, asian, hispanic, native americans and african americans
librarian, stay-at-home mom, teacher, literacy professional, early childhood educator
educator, excited to invest in the next generation
family-oriented lifestyle, actively helps children in some way, shape, or form
mostly from United States, but can be living internationally
Marketing Mix
High quality books at competitive prices
Unique products with exciting storylines
Reader-friendly catalogs for distributors, educators, and parents; constant contact; blog; Social media
Available through worldwide distributors
Could be more competitively priced in the publishing industry
Pricing does not meet some of customers needs
find the target market
Some book cover designs seem to be not appealing to the target market
We are the definition of organized.
To help Star Bright Books grow, the director of sales, Mary Gibson, will now be assigned the task of marketing under this marketing plan and will be in charge of promoting Star Bright Books to our target market. She will implement the required measures necessary to complete our goals including publishing magazine ads and purchasing television advertisement air time. Also, she will inquiry with Books-a-million and Barnes and Noble about distribution to meet our marketing and financial goals.
Marketing Objectives:
The Director of marketing will find the best possible candidate to design, develop, and create a mobile application for ordering eBooks by Spring 2014.
She will coordinate with the president of the company to submit at least 10 eBooks available to the public through the app by Winter of 2014.
The marketing director will research the new market share at the end of a one year period to seek an increase in market share by 5%.
Financial Objectives
The director of marketing will provide a comparison of sales figures from this year to two years from now to see if it reached the goal of 5% growth in general and 10% growth in comparison to the previous year.
Evaluation and Control
Conclusion and Questions
This is the new face of Star Bright Books and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that the market share and revenue continues to grow in the company.

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