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Gender Roles in Latin American Society

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kerlyn gauthier

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Gender Roles in Latin American Society

What are Gender Roles?
Gender roles are based on their cultural and personal beliefs. It determines how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within the context of their own society.
The primary role of man under the Hispanic culture is emphasized as “machismo”
which means that a man is the great provider of the family.
Men should work and strive hard to protect their families and provide them with all their needs.
Men in Hispanic culture are known to be fearless and strong
The role of women is referred to as “marianismo’’
Based on the virtues of the Virgin Mary
Their primary role is to be loving and caring mothers
The mothers’ role is to be passive and willing to dedicate themselves for their families
Most women are responsible, religious and self sacrificing
They are patience and dedicated in running the household
Work Cited


Gender Role in Latin American Society today
Gender roles in Hispanic culture still exists, there are some Hispanic women who decides to become employed and mix in with society. These women believed that this is an excellent way of helping their husbands raise and support the family.
Discussion Questions
In what ways is gender roles portray in a Chronicle of a Death Foretold?
What is the significance of religion on the role of women play in Latin American society?
How does gender role structure Latin American society

Gender Roles in Latin American Society
Carla Jane Pascual
Kerlyn Gauthier
Guichard Etienne
Emanuel Cabrera
Women in the lower class tend to have jobs that are outside of their homes unlike women in higher class don't usually work
The workforce is consist mostly of men
Men are more common in engaging with politics while women are more restricted.
Since women are based on the virtues of the Virgin Mary, women are allowed to have an abortion, but under three special circumstances: 1) when the life or health of the mother is at risk 2) if the fetus has abnormalities that are “incompatible with life,” and 3) in cases of rape or incest
Women in the lower class are looked down upon, while women in higher class preserve honor and have arranged marriages
Men in the higher class are dominant, respected, and are not questioned for their actions
Based on the Chronicle of a Death Foretold, how come Angela Vicario was looked down upon due to her prematrial relation with Santiago Nasar, however, men like Santiago and Bayardo are able to have sexual relations with various women?
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