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6th Grade Scrapbook

No description

Isabel Hansmann

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of 6th Grade Scrapbook

Advisory 220 A&B memories . . .
One of my favorite memories in Advisory 220 A&B would have to be when my friends from another advisory came. It was hilarious to be 'reunited' with my other friends as well as the ones in my current advisory.
How I have changed since 5th grade . . .
Without a doubt, I've changed alot this year compared to last year. The biggest changes would have to be my intelligence, since I've definitely learned various subjects this year. Also, my group of friends has changed. Otherwise, I'm basically the same except some changes I probably don't even notice.
My 6th Grade Scrapbook
What I will miss in 6th grade . . .
In 7th grade I will miss the teachers of 6th grade the most. Sometimes it's hard to find really great and caring teachers, so having such amazing teachers this year definitely improved my 6th grade experience alot.
The funniest thing that ever happened . . .
My favorite 6th grade class . . .
My favorite 6th grade class would have to be Mr. Long's Social Studies class because of the fun and yet informational way he teaches.
Out of the many things that have happened to me this year, one of the funniest would have to have been on the way to our lockers. We were walking from Science class when our friend tripped over a chair leg. When he got up, he had a card stuck to his forehead, a Justice gift-card. Peeling it off his forehead, he exclaimed "I'VE GOT 25 J BUCKS! MY FAVORITE STORE," and ran down the hallway screeching that he had "25 J Bucks."
My advisory is 220-B
My classes are;
Red - Math
Yellow - Social Studies
Green - Science
Blue - English
I've loved my 6th grade school year so far, and I believe I'll also love my 7th grade experience next year.
All about me in 6th grade . . .
Don't be nervous. There's nothing to be nervous about, even if you get separated from your friends there's always ways to keep in contact with them as well as get new friends along the way. Also, be yourself.
Advice I would give a 5th grader about 6th grade . . .
Thank you 6th grade teacher . . .
I have every teacher in my 6th grade school year to thank, but I would like to thank Mrs. Tober the most because of her help in my writing. I can really tell the difference and I know grammar and writing will have a big impact on my life. Thank you.
Friends in 6th grade . . .
I have gained way too many friends this year to count without missing out any, and ultimately hurting their feelings so I'll just have to go ahead and say that I really owe it to them for sticking with me and for somehow withstanding me.
By: Isabel Hansmann
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