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Tiana Reddiex

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Peptides

A compound consisting of two or more amino acids in which the Carboxyl group of one acid is linked to the amino group. Peptides play a crucial role in the fundamental physiological and biochemical functions of life.
Most peptides must be administered by injection, because oral administration would lead to degradation and destruction by the digestive system. However, Oral route would be preferred because of its high levels of patient acceptance and long term compliance, which increases the therapeutic value of the drug.
How Peptides are Administered?
Absorb more bioavailable amino acids and deliver more quickly to cells after workouts.
If lacking in some of the basic amino acids, it may enable your body to produce substances like growth hormone, which will ultimately allow more results from all efforts in the gym and in the kitchen.
Helps to:
Burn Fat
Build Muscle
Improve athletic ability
Physical Benefits on an Athletes Performance
Some negative side-effects from injecting with peptides include:
Decreased immune function.
Heart Failure.
Potential Negative Side-Effects
Lance armstrong is a Professional cyclist who was caught after having a successful career his achievement consist of winning the Tour de France three times in a row, He raised over $300,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and won his battle against cancer. After he was found of dopeing he then was striped of all his titles and he lost all his major sponsers.
He was caught after because at the time he competing there was no way to test for peptides but unfortunatly for lance armstrong they kept a a sample of his blood and then tested for it when they had the ability to, he later admitted to it when the scandels arose in the media.
How he was caught
The reasons for It
the negative impactes that lance has faced have been that his company has suffered greatly and he has lost his major sponsers and he has been banned from some races all over the world and he has been striped of all his titles and has lost a large amount of his fan base.
Negative impacts
What type of athlete or sport would benefit from its use?
Athlete -
Football Players
Rugby Players
Sport -
AFL (Essendon)
Cycling (Lance Armstrong)
Rugby (Cronella Sharks)
Lance armstrong
Personal reasons he did this where that he wanted to win and he wanted to decrease his recovery time between races, environmental reasons for him doing this is the pressure from his coachs and his fans.
Legal Alternatives
Some Legal Alternatives that Athletes may choose of the Illegal Ergogenic Aid are:
- Sleep and Rest
- Massage
- Physiotherapy
- Thermotherapy, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy
- Compression garments

How are they Administered?
The legal alternative Sleep and Rest would be a safer option to go with rather that taking illegal aids because it will give a better and full recovery.
Sleep and Rest is administered by not taking part in any physical activity and resting your injury, so you can fully recover.

What are the physical benefits of sleep and rest?
Some physical benefits of sleep and rest are:
It restores our energy.
Repairs our bodies and helps to make full recovery.
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