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science vs religion 1920s

No description

Andrea Vieyra

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of science vs religion 1920s

The End World War One Fundamentalist Roaring Twenties BIG NEWS! State v.s Scopes "Monkey trial" of 1925 The Ultimate Battle "the Bible makes the supreme and final authority in faith and life." William bell Riley
"the Faith of the Fundamentalists"
Current history, June 1927 George Santayana What is the Scientific Attitude?
Definition Contest
The Forum, May 1928 "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?"
Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick This led to..... Before the trial: March 1925 Tennessee passes the Butler Act makes teaching of evolution a crime
ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) John Scope
Biology teacher from Tennessee dares to commit a crime and teaches evolution.
Gets arrested and brought to trial World Christian Fundamentalist Organization ACLU Prosecution Defense Lawyer:
William Jennings Bryan Brought attention around the nation
and became a media circus Lawyer:
Clarence Darrow Position 1: Secure Christian Influence in School Position 1: Ensure academic Freedom to All Position 2: Prevent discrimination Against other
Religions At the end John Scopes
was found guilty and ordered
to pay $100 Modernist "The divine purposes for humankind,
life everlasting." "The scientific attitude is that there is a reason
for all things and everything and anything
can be doubted." "Our religion is the poetry in which
we believe." Took the Bible's teachings word for word Science vs. Religion "Science can show us how we got a
universe, but not why." Science v.s Religion Fundamentalist then.. Work Cited http://americainclass.org/sources/becomingmodern/divisions/text5/colcommentaryreligion.pdf
pictures: google images What event caused a change in the people's ideas and beliefs? Quiz Time What is a Fundamentalist? What was Scope found guilty of? What state did it occur in? and what act did he disobey? Science Vs. Religion
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