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Trip to Mexico City in the Past

A day-to-day planned trip of the luxurious beach city of Cancun, Mexico.

Ashley O

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Trip to Mexico City in the Past

Your Arrival You will arrive on a ship to gorgeous Mexico City, Mexico along with other upper class politicians by working inside Mexico to win the war at hand. Hotel When you arrive in
Mexico City, you will
stay at a beautiful
colonial style house
on the outskirts
of Mexico City Transportation Your mode of transportation will be by horse or mule pulled wagon. Day 2 Have breakfast then
take a nice day trip
to the park and enjoy
the amazing views Mexico
has to offer while having a pinic
including freshly grown produce. Day 3 Wake up have breakfast then go to an out-door market to get food for your meals for the next couple of days. Day 4 Unfortunetly soldiers are expected to be stationed here in a few hours so you will be moved to another home on horseback for safety so you can continue your luxurious Mexican getaway. On the bright side you will have a lovely view of scary Mexican soldiers while traveling to your new location. Day 5 You wake up to a nice brunch brought into your room.

The secret meeting for ways to defeat the Mexican forces will take place in an underground bunker of a church in Santa Fe. Day 6 Wake up in the morning to have a nice breakfast full of fresh vegetables and fruits from the markets and you report back to the United States in the afternoon.
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