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Following Instructions

No description

Ryan Harsch

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Following Instructions

Following Instructions
Step 1 - Look at the person
Looking at the person shows that you are paying attention.
Step 1 Helpful Hints
Look at the person as you would a friend
Don't stare, make faces, or roll your eyes
Look at the person throughout your conversation
Avoid being distracted

Step 1: Look at the person.
Step 2: Say "OK."
Step 3: Do what you've been asked right away
Step 4: Check back
Step 2 - Say "Okay"
Saying "Okay" lets the person know you understand
Step 2 Helpful Hints
Answer right away
Use a pleasant voice
Speak clearly
Smile and nod your head (if it is appropriate to do so)
Step 3 - Do what you've been asked right away
You are more likely to remember exactly what you are supposed to do if you do it right away
Step 3 Helpful Hints
Complete each step of the task
Stay on task. Don't let other things interfere
Do the best job you can
If you have problems, ask for help
Step 4 - Check back
Checking back lets the person know you have followed the instruction
Step 4 Helpful Hints
Tell the person you are finished as soon as you are done
Explain exactly what you did
Ask if the job was done correctly
Correct anything that needs to be done over
Group Assignment
Create a poster demonstrating the "Following Instructions" procedure. Include illustrations of at least 5 real-life situations where you would use this procedure (example: the workplace).
Following Instructions - Quiz
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