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Eneko Otegui

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of INTERNET

In recent years, the Internet has evolved from a system in which some institutions, companies or individuals issued information to another system in which all become receivers and transmitters of information in different formats.
Web 2.0 services
Most of the services described throughout the unit involve a service structure based on the type client-server networks; in them, there is always a server, or a web site, which is accessed from a client application installed on the user's computer.
These applications are programs that can be used and run from the site where they are housed, without installing on your computer. A disadvantage of these applications is that, to be able to work with them, we need to be connected to the Internet.

RSS-type systems allow you to check all types of news, both published in newspaper as other digital media, and allude to a subscription service.
They have begun to emerge websites where users share their photos and videos.
Services are the most popular and more attract to Internet users.
Means doing things in a simple and quick way; carried internet, refers to the editing and web sites for various people.
The most popular wiki today is Wikipedia. Is a digital encyclopedia that has been generated by the users of the Internet network.
There are many sites that offer the possibility of having a blog, but the most known is blogger. Since it is free to use.
The term wiki refers to active participation in the generation of information, and the review and validation of information provided by others.
Blogs function as a personal diary or logbook, and allow internet publishes in opinions or reflections on a topic determined do, including, if desired. The boom in Internet diaries or logs of this type has led to the generation or birth, so called blogosphere, where the difference through hypertext links, make web pages to form the World Wide Web.
To use it you have to register, although the service is free, easy and fast.
How can I participate in Wikipedia?
-Providing definitions and descriptions
-Modifying existing entries to correct or add information.
-You can participate in anonymous way.

Refers to the network of rebroadcasting of news or events in audio format to review and listen on other devices.
If instead of reading the news, the aim is to hear, enough with access to websites on which this type of audio documents are published, mainly radio pursuing, thus delayed distribute their radio programs .
How to download
How to create
and publish
These concepts refer to the geographical location, in digital maps published on web sites, towns, cities and buildings.
It is possible to locate the site where is to produced a piece of news or an event and this now is possible thanks to systems such as:
File sharing
The newspaper the country gives the option to its readers to write news or to send photos.
and on the other hand newspapers published the news grouped according to the opinions of its readers.
How to become a
digital reporter?
On the internet there are several servers that allow you to publish photos but the pioneer and promoter of been flickr service.

Equal to that with photographs, to publish videos on the internet, there are also specific servers. The pioneer and promoter of this been you tube service.
If instead of reading news, what he wants is to listen to them enough to access web sites where you can download and listen to it at another time.
Podcast is not more than a sound in mp3 format file, so its creation is not no difficulty. Enough to have a multimedia computer with sound card, microphone and speakers or earpods, and record the information that you want to a sound file via the microphone, then convert it to mp3 format.
Now, the google docs application allows editing text files, digital presentations and leaves of calculus, both those created with the application itself and those imported from other applications, since you know the formats of other programs, such as OpenOffice and MicrosoftOfice.
It is a website dedicated to a set of computer applications, grouped into one, called JClic, that are based on free software and allow the generation of units didactic and educational content in digital format.
Descartes is a project promoted and implemented by the Ministry of education and science, with the intention of promoting the learning of Mathematics by integrating the technologies of information and communication.
The need for training at any time and in any place, makes systems that allow the teaching and learning from open, flexible and distance methods appear.
Innovative teaching-learning systems that include the ability to publish and distribute educational materials and content in digital format.
Any system or tools of e-learning offers four types of services:

Tools to provide information
Communication tools
Content generation tools
Learning outcomes assessment tools
Refers to transmission of voice over the network of internet data, with the consequent lowering of the price of calls, that would not be subject to the distance between the partners.
It consists of exchanging files directly between the computers of two users who are connected to the internet, and some systems of distribution of programs such as BitTorrent.
It focuses on the contributions of the users.It was founded as a complement to existing services.
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