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Barton Rural BOT Training

Board Training

Steve Zonnevylle

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Barton Rural BOT Training

Gleniti School Ringing in the future by aiming high in all we do FANTASTIC ARCHER The implications of this are: Our children are well supported Our children are challenged Our children do things relevant to their lives Our children are motivated Our children are preparing for an
unknown positive future and it's up to us to help them get there! Governance
Management Roles Documentation Charter and Strategic Planning Curriculum Planning Policy and Procedures Codes of Conduct NAGs Read more about the roles
in your booklet Community Partnership Legal Obligations Where to next? Strategic Planning New Roles and Responsibilities We're a team, you don't have to know everything ... Enjoy you're time on the Board ... I know I'm looking forward to working with you! Parent Trustees Trustees are elected to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students at the school. It is vital that parent trustees do not simply focus on their own children or on specific areas of responsibility or interest. Parent Trustees, whether they are actually parents of students at the school or not, are there to bring a parent perspective to the board table. This does not necessarily mean they need to vote the way the parent community would like them to vote, as they are privy to far more information than parents, and need to base any decisions on all the information at hand. NZSTA 2007
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