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My Goddess

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of My Goddess

My Goddess
By: Elizabeth Amones

My goddess's name is movina. She has the power to stop movement and how movement should move. She can't stop movement forever but she can do it whenever she wants.
Is my goddess positive or negative?
My goddess is a positive because without movement people couldn't breathe or eat. So the people would eventually die. Without exercise they would grow fat. As you know she might be able to stop movement. This isn't bad because if someone was about to be in a car accident then she could stop movement and move the cars somewhere else.
My immortal is significant to the 21st century because without movement people could die. You couldn't move at all. You could grow up to be fat if you couldn't move because of the lack of exercise.
The Ruler...
Movina should be elected ruler because she can stop movement. Which means she could freeze anyone in motion she wanted to. She could stop Zeus or Hades or Posieden. She could stop ALL the gods from moving if she wanted to.
My Goddess' symbol
This stands for my Movina's symbol. The two snakes stand for the slow movement. The stick like figure stands for the way people move. The wings stand for things in the sky and the way they move. Everything on here represents different types of movement.
What her power is and her name
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