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Fitness Industry

No description

Ryan Dunn

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Industry

Industry Trends
New Technologies
- Adv Equipment
New Technologies - Wearable
Overall Key's to Success
Major Industry Players
Fit Bit
Nike's Fuel Band
Nike+ Sensor
Clearly Defined Niche
Upper Class
* Bally Total Fitness
* 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Inc
* Gold's Gym International

People are becoming more conscience about the life choices they make due to a number of factors, primarily related to technology and healthcare. As a result the number of people joining fitness clubs is rising.
Fitness Industry
Bargaining Power of Buyers - High
Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Low
Threat of New Entrants - High
Threat of Substitutes - High
Industry Rivalry - High

Porter's 5 Forces
Title Boxing in Overland Park
City Gym in Waldo
Maya Yoga in Kansas City
Local & Niche Gyms
Understand Your Competition
Retail Business

Nordic Track Elite 9700 ($2,200)
Google Maps Running
Polar RC3 GPS
GPS Watch
Predictions for the Future
The more data people can gather related to their everyday lives the more it will increase their drive to improve their lives. The amount of data related to improvements in Healthcare and Technology have created more specific and personal ways to improve the overall health of an individual. These trends will continue to support growth in this industry.
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