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Chemical Equilibrium

No description

Kevin Buckley

on 11 December 2016

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Transcript of Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium
Is a state of dynamic balance where the
of the forward reaction is equal to the
of the reverse reaction.
Equilibrium and the Rate of Reaction
Physical Equilibria
Le Chatelier's Principle
Le Chatelier’s Principle-

If a stress is applied to a system at equilibrium, the system adjusts to relieve the stress

The Equilibrium Constant
Chemical Equilibrium
What does the term Dynamic refer to?
Dynamic Equilibrium
In dynamic equilibrium, macroscopic properties are constant (concentrations of all reactants and products remain constant) and the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction
Dynamic Equilibrium
The reaction does not stop, the reactants are continually forming products and the products are continually returning to reactants
Reversible Reactions
As it says on the tin!!

Reaction can go in either direction
For Reversible reactions... the cake analogy is thrown out!!!
Looking at Equilibrium in terms of Concentration
Looking at an example Reaction

Equilibrium can only be attained in a closed system!!
Physical Equilibira
Phase Equilibrium
Physical Equilibrium (Example: Liquid-Vapour equilibrium) is reached when the rate of condensation is equal to the rate of evaporation
This is known as
Phase Equilibrium
as it involves the changing of state
What is Stress???
Two key things to remember:
If a stress is applied to a system at equilibrium, the system adjusts to
the stress

Dealing with Temperature changes
Dealing with Pressure Changes
Where would be the higher pressure?
Adding in a Catalyst????
How do you think it will affect the Position of Equilibrium?
What does the Equilibrium Constant represent?
An Equilibrium Constant provides information about how far a reaction proceeds at a
particular Temperature
The Reaction Quotient
Is slightly different to the Equilibrium Constant
• Reaction Quotient- is the ratio of the concentrations of the reactants and products (raised to appropriate powers) at any point in time
Now try the worksheet
Now, let's try the worksheet on Le Chatelier's Principle
There is a but......
Kc is an Expression, it completely depends on the equation given.
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