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New Teacher Orientation

No description

Valeria Escobedo

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of New Teacher Orientation

1. Beware the
Teacher NEST!
Don't allow students to turn in assignments on your desk!
Create an easy filing system
Ask yourself if everything in your teacher area (or almost everything) has a purpose.
Find the seating arrangement that works best for your students' learning types.
It's not set in stone!
2. Desk Arrangments should be student-centered
A seating chart can be VERY helpful!
Helps you learn students' names quicker!
Attendance can be done quicker and more efficiently
Can prevent classroom disruptions (chit chatty bffs)
Decide what you want displayed in your classroom
Classroom rules and procedures
Data Tracker
Excellent student work
Athletic/Fine Arts/Extracurricular schedules
College knowledge
Interesting facts
3. Bulletin Boards: Give your classroom some
Word Walls
Build them up over the course of the year
Consider words with definitions, words only, matching groups, etc.
Don't let it "die" on the wall
Post your objectives ( I CAN statements)
Place these in a place that is
visible to everyone
Change them according to your lesson/unit
Make it a routine to have your students understand what they are and how they help them keep track of their knowledge
6. Agendas

Helpful for students to have an idea of what each day will look like
monitor your time during the lesson
Teacher Tips 101!
Setting Up Shop
On average, teachers spend about 10 hours at work!

This means that your classroom needs to be decorated so that
you don't go insane
Just add some
It should be:
Display posters and things that are interesting to you and your students
"About Me" section

Make your teacher space an area where you can get work done
Get some snacks
Buy a radio/speakers

Do your displays help students remember concepts?
Do they provide information you can refer to when teaching
8. Safety and Security
Display your Evacuation Plan in a visible place
Make sure students know what it looks like!
Carry your "Crisis Chart" and a class roster any time you evacuate the building
9. Lock your Stuff!
It's better to be safe than sorry
Lock all electronics, supplies and any other valuables

A seating chart is a good (GREAT) idea!
It can:
*Help you remember your students' names
Help you prevent chatty friends from sitting near each other!

10. Positive Classroom Culture :)

-Learn non-academic info about your students (Getting To Know You Survey, quick convos, profile sheets)
-Take interest in THEIR interests (games, performances, jobs, talents, family)
-"Everything Speaks"- always portray positive messages (speaking, displays, actions)

My contact info:

Valeria Escobedo
Lanier High School

Where do I start?!
11. Take Care of Yourself
-Plan with others--work smarter, not harder
-Strive for WORK-LIFE balance!
-Know when to step out of classroom
Be firm and forgiving...they are still kids (sort of)
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