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What i accomplimshed?

No description

Jae Cooney

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of What i accomplimshed?

What I accomplished This Year!! bbbbbbbbbbbbba bhghghghghhgh 5 things i need to work on this year.......

My attidude and my actions
My studying skills and turning in my home work
Being nice and not pinching guys on the nipples
Start saying "Hey" to people
Start practing and going outside for soccer! This is about the things i have accomplished
and still are accomplishing. I have worked
my tail off all year, I have had soccer all
year and i somewhat deserve to glorify my
accomplishments. This is well my
accomplishments and some things i still
need to accomplish! 5 things that worked out great this year

I made soccer tryouts for club and school
I kept my grades up too
I made alot of friends
Im doing good in soccer
I got a really cool boyfriend What im looking forward to next year...

My new teachers
The new students we'll get
New friends I'll make
Moving to clairmont
Having a good time This is the ending to my
beautiful slide show!
I very appriciate you reading
thank you very much!
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