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Back-to-School Night

No description

Courtney Doran

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Back-to-School Night

Mrs. Doran and Mrs. Moyer
4th Grade

Back-to-School Night
About US
Let us introduce ourselves
Language Arts
4th Grade Academics

This is our 2nd year using the newest edition of Everyday Mathematics - it is much more rigorous!
Concepts and skills are developed over time and in a wide variety of contexts - distributed practice over months and across grades.
Balance among the CCSS Domains
Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Number and Operations - Fractions, Measurement and Data, and Geometry.
Multiple methods and strategies for problem solving
Concrete modeling as a pathway to abstract understanding
Base ten blocks and pattern blocks when learning decimals and fractions, straws and connectors when learning geometry concepts.
Mental Math/Math Message
Warm up - Always stretches their thinking - Higher level thinking
Students are expected to write a substantial amount regarding their mathematical thinking and reasoning.
Student Reference Book
This is not your typical curriculum (arithmetic driven, slow paced, isolated instruction). This is a very rich curriculum where students are capble of learning higher level problem solving solutions!! Mathematics is meaningful to children when it is varied, rich and rooted in real-world problems and application.

Classroom Expectations
All students are expected to try their best at all times
Follow ROARS behavior
Positive Reinforcement
Last but not least...
Our Goal
Just as important
: We want your child to
coming to school.

Open Communication is key to your child's success!
in educating your child is for them to leave here
more knowledgeable
than they are right now and to inspire him or her to be a
lifelong learner
Just a few reminders
School Procedures

Please send a note in within three school days. Please make sure to include first and last name of student, my name, and grade.
Lunch Money
Collected each morning. Please send in an envelope with first and last name of student, my name, account number, and room number.
All transportation requests must be made in writing or in person.
Class Website - We will be updating our class website with important information. Websites will be linked!
Remind - Free text messaging service to receive classroom updates and important reminders.
Test Folders - Please review your child's assessments with him/her and return the folder the following day. Math assessments need to be sent back!
Book Orders will be sent home periodically. Please make checks payable to Scholastic.
Students are permitted to bring a small snack each day and a bottle of water.
Birthdays - Students are welcome to bring in a treat to share with our class. - we have 27 students in our class! Celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthday or at the end of the school year.
In order to participate in classroom activities (parties and field trips) you must be a PTA member and have proper clearances.
4th Grade Academics Continued...
Science & Social Studies
Students will have homework most evenings.
Students will write their homework in their agendas each afternoon.
At the end of each 9 weeks, we will have a homework party. Students that miss less than four will attend the party. Those that miss four or more will go to a work room.
Language Arts
Literary Skills will be taught through the use of Mentor Texts with the hope that students will apply those skills while reading a novel.

Literary Focus Skills - Character Traits and Motivations, Setting, Conflict/Resolution, and Compare/Contrast.

Nonfiction Focus Skills - Identifying text features and integrating information from two texts on the same topic.
Parent Involvement
Academic Expectations
Complete daily homework
Students are encouraged to write their homework assignments in their agendas daily.
Memorize multiplication facts by December - but the earlier the better!
Read nightly for 15 minutes - Book It!
Paw Sticker
ROARS - Gold Medal
Class competitions
Marble Jar
Thank you so much for the donations that have already come in. There is a display on the table of items that are still needed for our classroom.
Meet Andrew and Benjamin! These two bundles of energy take up a lot of my free time outside of school! My husband, Erik and I love spending time making these two happy!
Storytown - short stories to teach focus skills
Novels - Practice and assess comprehension skills
Because of Winn Dixie
Differentiated Instuction
Read students at their own level
Use small group instruction
Focus on Comprehension Strategies
New Focus Skills each 9 weeks
Word Study - Greek and Latin Roots
Writing Notebook
Spelling and Grammar - isolated instruction as well as application
Reading in the content areas is becoming more and more important.
Science and Social Studies will be used as a time to teach nonfiction reading skills through the use of the Social Studies text and those texts used for Science.
Science will address concepts regarding Animal Studies, Magnetism and Electricity, and Land and Water.
Social Studies will address the Regions of the United States.
Meet Joey, Tristan and Grey! They are ages 18, 15, and 7. They keep my husband Joe and I quite busy with ice hockey and soccer.
Our first PTA meeting is September 26, 2016 at 6:00. Your support means everything to our success!

Combined we have been with the district 33 years.

We both hold Masters Degrees

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