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Razer USA Ltd

Ahmad Al Ali

on 12 August 2011

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Transcript of Razer

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Razer was founded in 1998 by a team of engineers and marketers to develop and market a high end computer gaming mouse, called the Boomslang, targeted specifically to computer gamers. It was positioned as the world's first 2000 dpi mouse and purported to give greater control and accuracy to gamers who used it. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSES A. The Marketing Environment 1.competitive forces: Razer is very strong in the US and holds a large market share.
Most of the sales for the company are in the US .
Razer is well known for the gaming a mouse’s, keyboards and headsets and has a market share of 76% of the multi-use hardware but that’s only in the US in but in the world market they hold about 23% of the market 2.Economic market The company doesn’t use mass media advertisement instead it uses its own costumers to promote its product with good quality by making them satisfied with the product that they will recommend it to their friends and they use gaming tournaments to advertise their hardware by making them compete using their hardware and they use gaming websites to promote them. 3.Political forces There are no political forces that affect the company operations 4.leagal and regulatory forces for a company like Razer making a promotion for their products the most likely use some famous games names and these famous trademarks may consider this as misuse of their brand value and may sue Razer 5.Technological forces As technology is making people life’s more comfortable the company is making their hardware more convenient and comfortable to the consumers so that it attracts them to their product by making multi-function headset and keyboards to be more easy to use by not using the stander design . 6.Social forces Gamers want an exciting and convenient experience in gaming and the company is providing this by their one of a kind multi-task mouse’s ,keyboards and headset that is made to enhance the gaming experience. Although the company main consumers are gamers they do produce calculating keyboards for company’s and sound system. B. Target Market Company is focused on the gaming community satisfaction by providing them with the best hardware and software to enhance their gaming experience.
And targeting the business sector by providing software that help with installing new hardware and mathematic keyboards for accountants and math based jobs like engineers. C. Current Marketing Objectives And Performance Razer sells its products online through its company website. It manufacture the product in the US and store them in their storages. A costumer place his order online and the company send the product via FedEx or mail from their storage.
The company is aiming to make online profiles for costumers to keep them up to date with upgrades, new products and to make an online profile analysis of their buying preferences to conduct research for future product development (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr 1.The company got an advantage in its products and software because they suite many tastes with their verity of products and software .
2.Since the company conducts its sales through its online website it has a very good online website that describes the products features in an appalling way.
3.Regular updates for the hardware software.
4.Hold a big percentage in the US gaming hardware market.
5.Online email messages for buyers to keep them in touch with their new updates A. Strengths III.SWOT ANALYSIS B. Weaknesses 1.The company have a weak costumer support that can't fix the consumers problems fast enough and is slow and not educated enough to answer all costumers questions about a problem.
2.Since the company have no stores it counts on the mail service to deliver its products to buyers and in most cases the delivery time is slow and have a small chance to damage the product.
3.The company doesn’t distribute their products in other counties other than the USA so the only way for those consumers to get the product is to order them through a retailer. 1.Since people depend on technology and leaser more these days the company can expand to other markets and produce non gaming hardware for regular users .
2.Increse the company advertisement since the company only advertise their products only online and only at gaming websites it should spend more on advertising to increase its sales. C. Opportunities 1.Since the company doesn’t have any distribution outside the USA their products are an easy target for copycats that sell an approximate designee in other countries .
2.Thier products are also a target of theft products are sold with their brand logo on it in other countries and those products give the company a bad name.
3.The company software are hacked and sold for free which effects the sales. D. Threats E. Matching Strength To Opportunities/Converting Weaknesses And Threats 1. Costumer support should be enhanced through training the employees on how to help the consumers.
2. Planning for distribute products though opening small stores in major city as a test to see if it succeed.
3.Make a plan to expand to other potential countries like Japan, Korea and China which have huge demand.
4. Fight copycat manufacturer though taking legal proceedings against them the same goes for the illegal usage of the trademarks and the hacked software. Mrketing 301
Prepared by:
Salman Saad 261802
Yasir Adnan 292491
Ahmad AlAli 265850
Omar Zarah 277199
Dr. Aref Al Ashban Razer is a company that focus on hardware and software that enhance the use of computers.
It should make more effort to make more profit, that’s why the company is making a new objective and that is to increase its profit by 30% and that should be coming from their new products.
To match accomplish its objectives Razer needs to measure its progress on a 3 month bases to make sure that its matching its current state with its objectives to see if anything isn’t matching what was expected and if there any actions that will help put the company back on track. IV. MARKETING OBJECTIVES V. MARKETING STRATEGIES A. Target Market(s) large manufacturing or stand-alone manufacturing divisions of large corporations with extensive broker ,dealer ,or distribution networks. Example: a company like GM which produce cars can use Razer sound system in their cars. Nonmanufacturing, nonindustrial segments of the business-to-business market with extensive costumer networks such as banks, medical services, or financial planers
the company can make special keyboards and mouse's to help companies that depend on calculating or special moving commands like hospitals. Target Market 1 : Target market 2 : Direct costumer markets for brands with successful licensing arrangements for consumer products ,such as blizzard
Example: the company can make keyboards and mouse's for a company like blizzard with their game logo on it to attract the company users to buy those products Target market 3 : Industry associations that regularly hold or sponsor trade shows, meetings, conferences, or conventions
Example: sponsor shows like blizcon to attract new market segment Target market 4 : Proucts Price Distribution B. Marketing Mix Promotion VI.MARKITING IMPLMENTATION To satisfy and infiltrate the new target markets the company need to customize their products to meet their taste and preference. and therefore needs to divide teams to study each target market needs and preference .so Razer will have each team to focus marketing to their assigned target market. The company have 5 target markets manufacturing groups, nonmanufacturing business to business group, consumer product licensing group, industry association group and non-gamers group. Every group should be focusing on their segment and are authorized o use the resources available to them to conduct their research and marketing strategy . On January 1, chose the marketing director to be in charge of the new business analysis teams. Under that marketing director create 5 sales manger positions each will be in charge of a project. Under those sales mangers there will be 3 members from different parts of the company to help analyze the project. On January 1, make an analysis team to study potential ways to improve the company current customer support that team will include 3 members from human resources, the head of the customer support and a personal from the company manufacturing team by January 10, assign each team to their project. each team will be in charge of studying 1 of our 5 target markets by January 15, the team in charge of studying how to improve customer support should have finished their research. By January 20, changes in the customer support section should have been implemented. By January 30, the 5 teams should be done with their analysis and report it to the marketing director. By February 1, the teams should gather with the project manger to study each group report. By February 10, the company should conduct a survey from customers about the improvement in the customer support improvement By February 15, test the project mangers team new ideas on a sample of old customers and take a survey from them about their thoughts about the new ideas. By February 20 , test the ideas on potential customers and take their feedback.
Reestablish the objectives of the business analysis team for the next fiscal year. the marketing director is responsible. B. Activities, Responsibility, And Timetables For Completion VII. EVALUATION AND CONTROL •The total budget for the marketing director team should equal to 50% of the annual promotion budget. and the customer support study group will be taking 20% of that.
•The breakdown in the marketing director team is the marketing director responsibility.
•Each group of the marketing director team should report their expenditure to the marketing director including personal salaries and direct expenses, for its segment of the project. Witch he will be in charge of reporting
•Marketing director is responsible for the project budget and have to report to the president weekly also he is responsible for redirection of budget to any business analysis team.
•The new product will be evaluated quarterly in terms of profitability also, product development expenses will be distributed quarterly compared with gross income over two years. A. Perfrmance Standards And Financial Controls B. Monitoring Procedures •To evaluate the plan a project management model will use time requirement , human resources and financial expenditures.
•At the first year a monthly comparison of plan and actual outcomes and quarterly comparison after the initial implementation phase then the findings get reported to the president.
•Each project team is responsible for determining the changes in procedures, product focus, operations as a result of the studies in its area. Target market 5 : Non-gamers market. Example: regular people who use headsets and keyboards for day to day usage only and not gaming.
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