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Prisoner B-3087

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087 By Alan Gratz
Yanek Gruener Life Before The War
Yanek Gruener
Yanek was 10 years old when the war broke out in Poland, Yanek was showing a movie that he made and it represented the westerns in United States and that was when the Poland Army was beaten by the German Army or Adolf Hitlers Army. Then there was a big boom and that is when the German Army was entering Poland.
What did Yanek do next?
Yanek stayed in his families bird coop for several months until he was selected. His Uncle was selected before his parents, Then Yanek and his Uncle Moshe meet at the Plaszow concentration camp.
Where did Yanek go next?
Yanek's family had to go to a ghetto called Kraków which included his mother and father and his self. And then they brutality and discrimination.
Life in the ghetto
Yaneks life in the ghetto was horrible for Yaneks family and friends. Yaneks family had to stay in an apartment for months and then they found an old bird coop on the top of the apartment then they cleaned it out and they lived in there for a while. Then the Germans had taken Yaneks parents where sent to a place where they were shot and died.
Life in the Concentration Camps.
1st Concentration Camp
The first concentration camp Yanek went to was called Plaszów concentration camp and their he meet his Uncle Moshe. Then a few weeks later his Uncle Moshe died.
2 nd Concentration Camp or Mine
Yanek then went to the Wielickza Salt Mine to mine salt for the Nazis. Later while he is in the Salt Mine the person who got Yaneks mothers wedding ring. Yanek found him in the Salt Mine and he denied of even knowing Yanek and the next day he was found dead with salt rubbed in to his wounds.
The 4 th Concentration Camp
The 4 th concentration camp was Birkenau and this is 1944 ending of this year. Yanek has lost everything he loved and he cared for and he is sent to Birkenau to die.
The 3 rd Concentration Camp
The Trzebinia Concentration camp was the 3rd camp Yanek survived. Yanek survived this camp at the age of 14 years old.
The 5 th Concentration Camp
The 5 th concentration was the horrible camp of Auschwitz and Yanek he is 16 years old now. And the year is 1945.
The Death March
Yanek is part of the Death March of 1945 and Yanek is only 16 and half and he is wanting to be freed by the Allies very badly.
The camp is Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Yanek is 17 years old now and he is growing weaker and weaker.
The 6 th Concentration Camp
The Final Concentration Camp
The Final Concentration camp is the Dachau concentration camp. Yanek is growing very weak. Yanek will surely die.
Yanek After the War
Where did Yanek go after the war?
Yanek went to America and he immigrated to the United States.
Where did Yanek go next?
Yanek then went next to Munich and he was liberated by the Americans.
Did Yanek have any family left after the war?
Yanek did have family left and it was a cousin and his family.
Published By,
Kaden Anthony
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