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Chrysalids: 10 Quotes Assignment

No description

Mackenzie Velting

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Chrysalids: 10 Quotes Assignment

Chrysalids A Project By: Mackenzie Ten Quotes Assignment A Book By: John Wyndham “That is their great sin: they try to strangle the life out of Life.” Page 154 This quote is significant to the novel because the novel is centered on the perfect person; the perfection of a person is one of the main topics of the book. The people in the Waknuk society are so strict in making sure that every person in their society is perfect, that they have no time for living life how they see fit. What I mean is that the people are so focused on living up to the expectations of God and the Old People that they forget that they are living their own lives and they don't have to worry about whether or not they are the perfect person. People kill their own meaning of life by trying to replace it with someone else’s meaning. “The essential quality of life is living; the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution: and we are part of it” Page 196 This quote relates to one of the major themes and topics of this book. The theme this quote relates to is change. Change is one of the many major themes of this book as I have stated in the first sentence. This quote is basically saying that in order to live, we need change. Change is something you can’t ignore, and something has to happen if you plan on living a wonderful life. In order for life to be lived properly, there needs to be change. "And any creature that shall seem to be human, but is not formed thus is not human. It is neither man nor woman. It is blasphemy against the true Image of God, and hateful in the sight of God." Page 13 This quote is related to the theme of imperfection in a person as well as the topic of blasphemies. This quote says that if you do not look like a human, or if you don’t have the proper characteristics of a human (like the allowed amount of fingers, toes, ears, eyes, etc.) then you are not a real human. The topic of blasphemies is one commonly discussed and talked about throughout the book. "Life is change." Page153 This quote means exactly what it says. In order
to live your life, there has to be change. Without
change, life doesn't exist. In order to have a life you need to have change. This relates to the book because one of the books main themes is the concept of change, and how you need it to survive. “The devil sends deviations among us to weaken us and tempt us away from purity.” Page 55 This quote is referring to two of the major themes of the book, those themes being the concept of the perfect and imperfect person, as well as the theme of religion and the devotion to God. This quote follows those themes because it states that if you are deviational, then you are sent by the devil, and you are impure. This would mean that the deviational person (the imperfect person) is not how God would have liked it, and that means the deviational person would have to get punished for being such an embarrassment to God as well as the Old People. “Watch thou for the mutant” Page 18 This quote is referring to deviations as well as the imperfect/ perfect person. This quote is stating that you can't be too sure of the people that are surrounding you, and you have to watch out for deviants because they can "infect" you with their little imperfections. If you have a deviations, you are evil and a blasphemy in the sight of God, and you will be banished, or killed. “It’s the difference between just trying to keep alive, and having something to live for” Page 199 This quote is referring mainly to the characters of Michael and Rachel, but it is also hinting to characters of Rosalind and David. This quote is stating that Michaels’ feelings for Rachel are so strong that she gives him a reason to live, as opposed to just trying to keep himself alive. He will put up more of an effort now so he can spend all his time possible with Rachel. It is also hinting at David and Rosalind because they each have each other, and that gives them each a reason to live. “They stamp on any change: they close the way and keep the type fixed because they’ve got the arrogance to think themselves as perfect. As they reckon it, they, and only they, are in the true image…” Page 154 This quote is referring to the Old People and their thoughts on perfection. This quote is related to the book, and to the theme of the book because one of the main topics in this book, like I have said in some of my other explanations is the topic of perfection/ imperfection. This quote is talking about how everyone thinks that the Old People knew what the perfect person is/was, but the speaker of this quote believes that they had no idea, and that they think of themselves as the perfect type. The irony of this is that they weren't perfect at all, and everyone in Waknuk believes that they were. “The static, the enemy of change, is the enemy of life, and therefore, our implacable enemy.” Page 196 This quote is related to the theme of change that is opnely discussed throughout this whole book. This quote is saying that change is the enemy of life, and we are life that means that change has to be our enemy too. What I mean is that the quote says that change is the enemy of life, and humans basically are life, so basically change is the enemy to humans as well. This is a quote that relates strongly to one of the main themes of this book. “In loyalty to their kind they cannot tolerate our rise; in loyalty to our kind, we cannot tolerate their obstruction.” Page 196 This quote is stated in the novel when the Sealand lady is telling the remaining telepathics that everything has to be replaced some time or another. She is saying one group of people doesn't like the other, and that the other group doesn't think too fondly of the first group either. She is saying that in order to have a perfect society, everyone must have their turn even if it means taking someone elses turn away. “A word again…. When the minds have learned to mingle, when no thought is wholly one’s own, and each has taken too much of the other over to be entirely alone; when one has reached the beginning of seeing with a single eye, loving with a single heart, enjoying with a single joy; when there can be moments of identity and nothing is separate save bodies that long for one another…. When there is that, where is the world? There is only inadequacy of the word that exists.” Page 166 I know that I have 11 quotes for this project instead of ten, but this quote stated above is my favorite quote in the whole book. This is talking about David and Rosalinds love for one another. The first time I read this quote in the book, I made myself go back to re-read it. I think I read this quote about ten times before continuing on with the rest of the novel. I don't know what it is about this quote, but it really hit home for me, and it just made the rest of the novel so much more better. Basically, there is no major reason for me putting this quote on this project, but it sort of felt nesescary for it to be on here. After all, this is a project on quotes, and this is a quote; my favorite one at that.
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