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french ir, re and er verb endings

No description

Jeni Meek

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of french ir, re and er verb endings

french ir, re and er verb endings
er verb ending's
je - er + e

tu - er + es

il/elle - er + e

nous - er + ons

vous - er + ez

ils/elles - er + ent
je - re + s

tu - re + s

il/elle - re

nous - re + ons

vous - re + ez

ils/elles - re + ent
ir verb ending's
je - ir + is

tu - ir + is

il/elle - ir + it

nous - ir + issons

vous - ir + issez

ils/elles - ir + issent
find the mistake !
er verb exsample's
donner - er + e
il donne = he gives

demander - er + ent
elles demandent = They ask for (female)

danser - er + es
tu danses = you danse

chanter - er + ons
nous chantons = we sing
re verb ending's
re verb exsample's
rendre - re
elle rend = she gives back

vendre - re + ez
vous vendez = you sell

fondre - re + ent
ils fondent = they melt

entendre -re + s
je entends = i hear
ir verb exsample's
finir - ir + issons
vous finissons = you finish

grossir - ir + is
tu grossis = you gain weight

chosir - ir + it
elle chosit = she chooses

maigrir -ir + issent
ils maigrissent = they gain weight
er mistakes
tu dansez = you danse

ils cherchnt =they look for
ir mistakes
elle puni = she punnishes

vous rougisez =you blush
re mistakes
il desends = he descends

nous perdrons = we lose
by Jeni Meek
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