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Small Groups Coaches' Training

No description

Craig Mattes

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Small Groups Coaches' Training

Small Groups Coaches' Training Introductions Session 1: An Introduction to Coaching Break into Pairs What made your experience powerful?

What common threads did you hear as different people shared? Share about a time when you had a powerful learning experience and what made it powerful to you. Read: "Adult Learning" Discussion questions:
Which 5 ideas from "Adult Learning" stood out to you and why?

What has caused you to grow as a leader?

Who could you try just-in-time training with?

What principles from the article are you most challenged by and why? Learning Activity: Biblical Leaders Learning Activity: Live Coaching Session 2: Peer Coaching Discovery Activity Debrief:
What were some of the feelings and reactions you had when you were the blind person?

What was it like leading the blind person?

How does this "blind walk" experience highlight the kind of things that a friend can offer to us? Read "The Power of a Peer" When you think of peers in the Bible, what peer relationships come to mind and what impact did these peers have on each other's lives?

What stood out to you about Ecclesiastes 4:9-12?

What are some of the things that hinder us from experiencing the Ecclesiastes 4 kinds of relationships? Practice Activity What was it like for you to receive coaching?

What was it like for you to act as the coach?

After your brief exposure to the GROW model and peer coaching, what stands out to you so far? Equipping: Developing Skills Envisioning: Dream Together Guiding: Shepherding Intentionally Modeling: Pursue Christ-likeness
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