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No description

John Miller

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Migraion

It was the year 1939 and world war 2 began. I lived in Poland. i decided to move to Fall Brook California for my own good. If I ,Mira, Had slayed then I would be killed.

my route was the ocean. I traveled by bout to get to Fall Brook California. It was not easy . They would throw people of bouts if they had diseases. I almost got that that disease , but luckily I had enough money to buy medicine.
When I got to Fall brook California I lived with my parents. I got a job. The job that I got was shoveling poo from horses. I got a better job; that job was opening a flower shop. I got enough money to buy a house. i worked a lot and was able to buy my parents a horse.
Why did I migrate to California

What route did you take to get to your new home ?
Where in California did you go , and why
I went to Fall Brook California. I arrived there because it was peaceful, quiet and most of all a lot of my family lives there. Thank God Fall Brook excised.
What did you do when you got there
One of the challenges that I faced was not being able to get a job right away. It took me four months to get a job. Another challenge that I faced was that I did not know anyone and did not have friends. It was also difficult to be in a strange and new place. I did not know where stores were.
What hardships/ What challenges did you face?

I changed my community by welcoming new people that came to Fall brook California. I helped people find jobs because I have been through that before.
How did you change you community?
I taught my grandchildren to work hard so they can earn things honestly. I taught them to never forget where they came from. the most important thing of all is to appreciate on what you have.
What legacy did you leave on California?
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