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No description

Angela Greenlee

on 5 September 2018

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What is a text feature?

Text Features help
you locate important information inside non fiction books.

Text Features are used to emphasize certain points or ideas.
Let's find out more about
text features!

Key Words/Bold Print

Charts & Graphs


Diagrams & Labels


Let's see
what we have learned so far...
Now let's look at the
non fiction books at your tables and see what text features we can find....
Non Fiction Text
Features Hunt
Copyright Page
Gives the heading and beginning page of each section of the book
Bold, Italic, & colored print call attention to new and important words
This tells the reader what the chapter or section of reading is about
A drawing that shows the parts of something
Words next to a picture that explain what it is or what it is about
Photograph-A picture made with a camera that shows how things look in real life
Illustration-a hand drawn picture that helps the reader visualize the text
Shows the location of things or places
New and Important words
A table of contents is like a map of a book.
It tells you the names of the chapters and what pages those chapters start on.
you might not know
this word!!!
Check the glossary
for the definition :-)

A map is a drawing
of a place to help you to see it in your head. Maps can be of big areas or small areas.
Labeled photos
help readers learn new words, notice details, and understand how things work.
An index provides readers with subjects and page numbers so they can quickly locate information in a non-fiction book. An index is arranged in alphabetic order.
Find information fast!!!
This page will also have the author's name
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