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Joseph Devin

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Joseph Devin

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street I think that facts can cause more confusion because we know it is the truth as fear is based off of opinion. transfixed- to use for, not move
The baby's eyes were transfixed on the sun. intimidated- scared of something
The police officer intimidated the children. defiant-not doing something, not listening
The boy was defiant of his mother. idiosyncrasy-strange
All Goverments have an idiosyncrasy that makes them all different. menace-bad actions
That dog sure is a menace. coverging- bring towards
My family is converging for thanksgiving. Plot Summary
1.Maple Street residents heard a roar and saw a bright flash over head.
2.Phones, Cars, Lawn Mowers, House Lights, and even Portable Radios all stopped working.
3.Pete Van Horn walked over to other streets to find out if they had power too.
4.Les Goodman then trys to start his car no dice. He then walked away as the car started by itself.
5.Everybody then starts to blame Les and his family.
6.One lady says she shes seen Mr.Goodman looking up at the sky as if he is waiting for something.
7.They see a shadow in the dark and charlie snatches a shotgun and shoots the figure. They walk over to the figure to fing it was Pete Van Horn!
8.Then the lights to Charlie's house go on.
9.They now begin to blame charlie for everything.
10.Then all of the sudden everyones lights go on and off they then begin to freak out and everyone goes mad! Essential Question 3 Characters Charlie- Excentric
Charlie expresses all of his feelings to every body.Blames everyone except himself.

Steve- Sensible
Steve helps try to keep the freak out to a minimum.Helps keep there head screwed on.

Les Goodman- Shocked
He gets blamed but says its not him.Says he is guilty of insomnia.

What Do You Think Now? I now think that fear can cause more confusion because fear can be pushed to further levels than the truth. "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" by Rod Searling.
Elements of Literature. Holt,Rinehart,and Winston.
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