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The Dust Bowl

No description

Gene Monahan

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of The Dust Bowl

Black Sunday
The Dust Bowl of April 14,1935
Black Sunday
What Black Sunday looked like
Thank You!

Images: Google Images

The Americans that had to find shelter any where they could it could have been old barns or an out house they didn't care.

How they felt
Where Black Sunday happened
Black Sunday occurred in New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. The big cloud of rolling soil ravel across the land killing crops live-stock and destroying homes and possessions.
Black Sunday was a terrifying sight. Just imagine farming and seeing a big black cloud swallow all of your hard work. That would be devastating.
By: Grace Scally
The dust and dirt would
seep through any crack.
People felt scared, overwhelmed and even more emotions.
"It came like a black
wall choking the life out
of anything in its way,"
It was a tragic event in history
taking the life of many people.
It will never be forgotten.
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