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The Cell & Horse, rider, and ranch

come on a fun adventure with horses and the cell

willow humphrey

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of The Cell & Horse, rider, and ranch

Nucleus to Riders brain
cell membrane: Forms a barrier between cytoplasm and outside of cell. It also controls what comes in and out of the cell.

Arena gate: seperates the inside of the arena from the outside from the inside.
The Cell membrane and Arena gate

Golgi body: organelles that transport materials.
golgi body to Ranch mailbox
The vaculoe is the storage organells that store food, water and waste.
The Vacuole and feedbarn, hose, and trash
Cytoplasm: the cytoplasm os the gel-like fluid in the cell that moves organalles.
The cytoplasm and arena ground
Mitochondria: processes food into usable energy for the cell to use.

The pasture: The grass uses sunlight to make food for the horse to eat.

The mitochondria and the pasture
endoplasmic reticulum: the transportation system for the cell
The endoplasmic reticulum and horse's legs
Lysosomes: recycle the cells waste

Compost pile: turns the horse's waste into compost for the plants.
The Cell & Horse-back-riding partner ship
Nucleus: directs all cells activities
Ranch mailbox: Transports mail and other materials
to other ranches.
Riders brain: directs rider and horse.
The feedbarn stores the food for the horses, the
hose stores the water, and the trash stores the
horse's waste.
The arena ground is simular to cytoplasm
because it is the base of the arena.
Horse's legs: The way the horse and rider get around.
Ribosomes and high protien feed
Ribosomes: make protiens for the cell
High protien feed: provides the horse with
Lysosomes and compost pile
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