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Educational Technology

EEA534 Interview

Jonathan Zuidhof

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Educational Technology

EEA534-Educational Technology
The success of a centralized IT plan lies with the classroom teacher
Do I feel empowered and competent to carry out these tasks?

Question 3
If you could use any emerging technologies in your classroom what would they be and how would you integrate them into your classroom to engage learners?
Question 4
Access to technology and software needed to engage students.
Outline the type of professional development you have had over the last three years, that enhances your ability to engage students in technology rich activities. Describe the lesson or project.
Question 5 - A Wealth of Online Resources
Question 6 - Learners now have access to a vast number of learning obproviders, programs and environments that may not be regulated in any jurisdiction, and in some instances, may be inappropriate or of poor quality
- In September I would have the whole classroom community work together to develop a list of standards and ethical considerations around technology in the classroom.
- Students must sign a waiver and get parental/ guardian consent
- Teach students how to assess the quality of an online resource
- Teach to digital citizenship

In your opinion, what are the next steps to make the system world class for learners in your district? What research have you looked at?
The next steps to make the system world class for all learners within our current district would be to ensure all stakeholders (school, district, province-wide, nationwide and internationally) are involved in the process of technology integration with a common goal of student achievement.

Relevant Research:
Abbotsford School District Strategic Plan, BC Ed Plan, NETS, ISTE,
Students First, Not Stuff by Will Richardson
Technology-Rich Schools Up Close by Barbara Levin and Lynne Schrum
A Bold New Math Class by Salman Khan and Elizabeth Slavitt
Flip Your Students' Learning by Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann
YES, with the following 3 things in place
1) Time to learn (pro-d, collaboration, district support)
"Learners will use technology to support and enhance the achievement curriculum/program goals within relevant contexts of their regular learning activities."
2) Access to equipment (projectors, smart boards,
lap tops, iPads)
3) Willingness to try & learn (improve classroom
instruction and learning)
Professional Development
PC Training
SmartBoard Training
iPad Training
Document Camera Training
Mathletics Resource Program
Tablet Training
Microsoft One Note (Virtual Binder)
BCesis Training
Website Design
Safe Use of Social Media
ECC 510: Technology Tools and Information Literacy
EEA 534: Technology for School Leaders
- Create a list of quality resources together a classroom community
- Have a standard list available in the classroom that students can continue to add to and refer too throughout the school year
-Protocol in place for misuse and inappropriate resources
- Password protected
- Having programs in place so teacher can easily manage programs that students are using (Universal access)
Question 6 Continued ...
Ipads- video, imovies, research
iphones - music, recording,
smartboards - virtual field trips, apps,
document cameras - exemplars

We have limited access to laptop carts, Ipads, bookable PC labs, smartboards, and data projectors. However Technology resources and teacher ability to use the technology ranges from class to class and school to school.
Lesson Plan
come up with deep thinking questions

learn to use iPad video mode

learn about physical space and speaking clarity

learn to give instruction and lead interviewee

learn how to edit in iMovie

learn about privacy and youtube

learn to upload video to youtube

learn about QR codes

learn how to connect video to QR code
Lesson Plan
We would like more access to these technologies and training to use it. Tech support and access to the existing expertise on staff needs to be publicized.
Access to this technology will develop the 21st Century skills that our students need, such as - Communication skills, team work, and collaboration.
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