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Gallium prezi

No description

Adin Martin

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Gallium prezi

Atomic weight
Gallium's melting point is 29.7 degrees celcius,
just over room temperature. This means that it will
melt in hot water or your hands!
Gallium's boiling point is 2,250 degrees
celsius, so it is rarely seen as a gas naturally
This means that gallium is solid at room temperature, but only barely
Gallium is part of the boron group, and a metal in the 4th period
it has 31 protons, 39 neutrons and 1 valence electron
Gallium was named for "Gallia" the latin word for France. this is the place of its discovery, where it was discovered by Dmitri Mendeleyev
Mendeleyev was the
man who put together
the first periodic
table of the elements
interesting facts:

1.) Gallium will melt in your hands, but is not poisonous like mercury
2.) Gallium will diffuse with almost any metal, making that metal weak and brittle
3.) Gallium is used to make
alloys like galinstan
Gallium has the second largest
liquid range of any element
Gallium is one of the few
elements that expands when
it freezes, in its case by
about 1.3%
By: Adin Martin
Gallium typically costs about
$1.00-$2.00 per gram
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