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6.02 What are Externalities- Honors

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Cecilia Souza

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of 6.02 What are Externalities- Honors

by: Cecilia Souza
Along with water pollution comes many externalities. There is a risk that the pollution could cause poor human health if people are exposed to toxic chemicals or harmful substances/objects. It often results in a loss of aquatic animal diversity. Fish population will decrease causing fishing companies to loose profit. Another issue is that cleaning water sources costs a lot of money and will cost the community to spend more of its budget on water cleanup and waste prevention. Lastly, water pollution will decrease tourist attraction to that area because people will not want to visit an area with poor environmental areas.
How is this issue connected to poverty?
Often times people living in poverty are less educated because they simply cannot afford an education. Many are clueless in regards to how littering effects the environment. Many environmental studiests have found that in areas of higher poverty, water pollution is a bigger issue. People are more likely to toss their garbage into the local river, pond, or lake without even thinking twice on how this will effect others. The polluted water is often a source of "showering" for many homeless and poor individuals. Cleansing in the polluted water often leads to diseases and illness. In an area of high poverty that has polluted water, it is less likely for the community to ever treat the water and clean it because they simply do not know how to and do not have the money to. Water pollution in relation to poverty is a never ending cycle for communities facing it.
What is the issue?
The issue I chose to research was water pollution. The United States has many sources of water, and although it may not be known by many people, water pollution among the crucial water sources is a major issue. Water is a very important resource and necessity for not only human existence but for the existence of all living things. If a certain source of water becomes polluted, it can affect not only the people drinking from the source but it can also effect near by water sources.
6.02 What are Externalities- Honors
Water Pollution
Helpful Actions to take:
Many simple actions can be taken by individuals in a community to help control water pollution. An individual should simply make oneself aware of the effects of throwing waste into water and learn how it effects everything else. Once someone understand the consequences of polluting water it is more likely they will stop contributing to the cause. Simply being more aware of where one puts their trash can help drastically. Stop throwing trash into water sources just to get rid of it. Dispose of things properly to prevent further issues. Also, educating others on the severity of polluting water can help a lot. Make people aware of what their actions can do. *Do not try to clean the water yourself by removing items from it. Let town hired companies work to clean the contaminated water.
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