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Evolution of the Zipper

Rodrigo Saenz

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Zipper

How it changed Evolution of the zipper during the years The first zipper was really invented by the same person that made the sewing machine, he was named Elias Howe. He first invented it so that it could be part of some of his clothes, but then it became much bigger and got improved by another person. A few years later Mr. Whitcomb Judson used again the zipper as a part of a shoe, but still Zipper wasn't the name they called this useful part of clothes. The first Zipper The Zipper kept on its evolution The name of the zipper didn't come until the B. F. Goodrich Company came with the name after using it for some boots. They used the zipper for lots of different ways during history, as we still use today. There are different kind of zippers. They have changed in style, shape, form and how they are used. Some are really alike and some aren't. The zipper at its finest This is how the zipper changed during the years abd how did it get its name "zipper" and how they started to use it. We still use the zipper now days and lost of our clothes use the zipper so we need to thank all of the people who helped in the making of it. The Zipper Zipper The Zipper kept in its evolution when Gideon Sundback got married with Elvira Aronson who's dad was the owner of the plant who gave work to Sundback made a big part in the zipper history. They made a conclusion that the zipper was really going to work so they started to make lots of them. The zipper has changed a lot from how it started, it started as a little help for some shoes but almost no one used them, but now lots of people use them. They probably make twice or more zippers than before because more people used them in their clothes. As this happened the history of the zipper kept going up and getting much better than how it was before.
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