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Nanny Solutions.

No description

Sinead Roche

on 14 October 2017

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Transcript of Nanny Solutions.

Nanny Solutions.
The Getaway: How we'll pull off two days away from Nanny.
The main problem standing in our way now is how we could leave Karen and Ruth alone to deal with Nanny for two full days. As you know, I am a master of coming up with solutions and putting said solutions into presentations when it involves something I really want to do. So, it is now my pleasure to present to you, a list of solutions that would make our weekend away easier on the rest of our family. We all know that Nanny is significantly more pleasant to be around when she's in a good mood, as anyone is. As she's warming up to her new home, it's going to take some efforts to make her as comfortable and happy as possible. She's getting better every day, making new friends and getting accustomed to her temporary lifestyle, but a few nice things could make her particularly pleasant for the weekend that we're away, and even if these tips don't improve her mood, we'll discuss some ways to make visiting her a little easier to deal with.
Mood Boosters
Social Development
Food is always something that brightens Nanny's mood. Despite the fact that she complains about having too much to eat, if I were to make her baked goods of an assorted variety and gave them to Karen and Ruth to bring over and disperse them evenly throughout the weekend, it might help. The portions can be small, so she's not stuffing herself but she's still getting that little bit of sweet she needs. As well as a few desserts, we can take her out for a nice dinner the Friday before our proposed departure. As well as the food, having a hobby would help her keep her mind active, which would make her less likely to snap at you and your sisters. This crossword puzzle book would be perfect.
Keep Open Minds
As this week goes on, Nanny's spending more and more time in Sunrise and she's getting more and more used to it. Before the lack of Zoloft setback, she was doing really well at being social at meal times and even made a few friends. With a full week ahead of us, it's fair to say she'll continue these habits and make more friends, which would alleviate a lot of the pressure left on you to occupy her time. It's fair to be a little optimistic in this situation.
I'm not going to lie, this was one of my harder presentations to formulate, even though it's also one of my shorter ones. I know this is a really difficult and stressful time for everyone, and I know that a vacation is a small concern, but I really think it would help out as a stress reliever, give you some MUCH DESERVED down time and relaxation, so you can come back and not feel so drained with everything you're doing. I think these tips will help with alleviating the stresses that would be left on Karen and Ruth as well, and especially if they're going on tours next weekend like they are this weekend, they would both be together and they're getting Nanny out and about. I know that this vacation probably won't happen, and as hard as that is for me to say, I hope these ideas are helpful regardless, and if Nanny needs some baked goods anyway, I'm always available.
A major thing that would help Nanny with being happier would be making friends. Sunrise has a calendar full of social events for her to attend, but it's hard for people to take the initiative to go to said events by themselves. It could really help if someone accompanied her to one of these events, to help her make some friends she can go with next time, which could help you with starting to get some of your time back because she won't need to be visited as frequently. Maybe she's a bingo whiz, who knows.
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