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Steps to CiviHeaven

CiviCon London 2012 - guide to CiviCRM project management for beginners

Michael McAndrew

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Steps to CiviHeaven

Steps to CiviHeaven Where are you? just starting out already there along the way Before we embark... with Erik and Michael What to do, and when ` Recognise this? Some thoughts on change... Keen interest in CiviCRM
Agreed on organizational goals
as soon as contract or software appears all focus on goal is gone
CiviCRM becomes goal in itself and is expected to deliver nirvana
help us to help you? embrace hassle, it is a sign of energy
don't motivate, do inspire
don't involve, do trust
do not split thought and action
CiviCRM enables you to reach for CiviHeaven....but it does not take you there! in stages? or all at once? out source / in source / open source / right source external hosting + upgrades
off the shelf themes
your organisational knowledge
internal support staff Sprints Hosting and upgrades Training Documentation Further development Ongoing support Fare thee well... CiviCRM community it's a life, Jim, but not as we know it Developing and the CiviCRM community A round peg into a square hole
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